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Censored News – Major Attacks Upon Israel – Get Ready For Planned War




While many major events appear to be spontaneous, they are well planned out ahead of time, and the final end game script appears to have now been set in motion. Albert Pike said there would be three world wars, and then the New World Order would begin to take over the world. He said it would begin in the Middle East, and so we have to very careful now as these events begin to unfold as prophecies in the Bible indicated they would. Strikes against Israel with missiles have now exceeded over 500, and Israel has yet to really respond to it. The leadership in Israel has thus far restrained itself but if it unleashed a major attack, the world will condemn Israel for “over reacting” and the UN. Iran and Russia will get involved. What is happening in Israel is going unreported in the West, showing us how censored we really are by Washington and the elite.