Best & Taylor Urgent Update – Israel Under Huge Missile Attack

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Update – War in Israel – hundreds of missiles being fired at Israel!!


Hundreds of missiles are incoming in Israel, wave after wave, and this may intensify rapidly as Israel’s Iron Dome cannot withstand such attacks as these, and this has been going on all day long.  Israeli tanks have fired upon Gaza, but this could easily escalate into all-out war, as Israel’s enemies decide now is the time to take her out. At the same time that this began. North Korea launched some test missiles – seems like a warning of the coming WW3. We should pray that cooler heads prevail and that this does not get out of control. Heads up, Israel is nearing the end of its 70th year!!








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  1. Amazing prophecy from Jeremiah! Interesting that sunspot 2738 is a 9-11. Thanks for keeping us updated Stew. Our redemption does indeed draw nigh. Praise Jesus!


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