Trump, Coup, Border, Venezuela, Putin, China, North Korea, Iran, Arrival, The Overlord…

Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Best & Taylor News Hour For 5-3-2019 – Danger In The Wind





The Matrix OVERLORD and his controllers are ramping up for their world war and a big FALSE FLAG is in the offering as Global Deep state now needs a diversionary tactic to keep Trump and Barr from going to far in their investigation of sedition and treason. With Russia and China, along with Cuba deeply involved in Venezuela, any attempt to use military force to oust Maduro will most likely bring in Iran and North Korea. With the threat to close off key choke points for oil shipments, and other sanctions, usually leads to war. Then we have more and more signs that the arrival of the fake gods we call aliens is getting closer by the day. The OVERLORD, that old serpent, is getting ready for the strong delusion, already working in the minds and hearts of humanity, even most of the Church. Earth changes abound and Book Two of the Matrix series in now in final editing stages. Book One of Frequency, the Hidden Matrix has sold out of the first run, but more are on the way, excellent reviews and more…

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