Best & Taylor Intel Update For 5-1-2019 – War Drums & Plea to Help

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Barr, Venezuela, Russia, China, Cuba, Israel & Plea For Help For Larry & Darnette

A short time ago, Larry and Darnette Taylor received a shocking request out of no-where to move shortly¬† because the home owner suddenly decided to sell it to others and they had no idea this would occur. Because of financial difficulties, and time restraints, they need help financially to locate/find a place and then move their belongings to a new location. I realize that things are tight right now and the Lord’s people are under the guns of Satan, but any amount you can donate would be greatly appreciated. You may send your checks/MO to Larry W. Taylor, P. O. Box 197, Smithville, OK 74957. Here is a link for a PayPal donation To Larry copy and paste this into your browser, this link here does not seem to work here:

CLICK HERE to help Larry and Darnette

In other news, Venezuela is getting hot, but with Cuba, Russia and China in charge of things, big problems in the Middle East and strange internal troop movements in the USA make one wonder what is going on!! The Sun is growing more strange by the day and earth changes abound and more…