Best & Taylor Intel Report For 4-1-2019 – Quiet Encirclement

On Night Shadows Tonight 7:00 PM CT

Venezuela Military Building, Israel Readies for War, Trump & The Border & Bible Codes



They say all is quiet on the Western Front, but it appears all of this so-called quiet is because MSM is not reporting the REAL NEWS, and as usual, the American people are not in the loop as to what is happening all around them. China, it is said is sending troops and military equipment into Venezuela along with Russia and Cuba, making it a communist stronghold just to our south. This will be worse than the Cuban crisis when war breaks out – because we cannot invade Venezuela without direct confrontation with two super powers. Will Trump do anything about the border or is it just bluster – because so far virtually NOTHING has been done to stop the 5th column invasion now underway with more to follow. Israel on the verge of war, Bibi needs to win the election and conflict might be a win-win for him and more…