Best & Taylor Intel Update for 4-24-2019 – Iran War Drums & Trump’s Sanctions

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As the world spins more and more out of control, and has various factions fight more and more, it appears that the Book of Enoch’s statements about demons being unleashed upon humanity is now coming to pass in a big way. Iran’s threats to shut down oil shipments is once again being heard if Trump  continues with his sanctions, which he has said he will blanket the world with sanctions and cut off Iran from any oil shipments would trigger a regional war, most likely Daniel 8, and the that will quickly expand to WW3 and the New World Order. We hope and pray that cool heads will prevail, but we also know from prophecy that these wars must and will come to pass, we just don’t know exactly when!!









1 thought on “Best & Taylor Intel Update for 4-24-2019 – Iran War Drums & Trump’s Sanctions

  1. Thank you for the radio update! God bless.

    This scientist thought it impossible–at first–that UV-C radiation could be affecting insect populations because, “UV-C…does not actually ever reach the earth’s surface.”

    But then, a friend sends him a peer-reviewed research paper from 2007 (fwiw: one of the authors of the paper is a Rothschild) that, “reported UV-C reaching the earth’s surface.”

    Now he is perplexed. Cannot seem to find any other peer-reviewed studies about UV-C reaching earth, and having trouble contacting the original authors.

    “Edge of Extinction: A Science Lesson and UV-C Radiation” [7:03 length]


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