As I have been researching things for the book series FREQUENCY, it is interesting that so few people accept the Bible version of Creation and the Matrix LOCK-DOWN because of the fall of humanity. As Tesla stated, if you really want to know the why and how of the Universe, you have to think in terms of frequency, vibration and energies. Science now agrees with the Bible, but no one is seeing it.

In John 1:1-5 we get a picture of the work of the WORD. Inasmuch as the Word is sound, and sound is vibrations at various frequencies. Now science says the most basic of all matter is not atoms, made up of smaller particles called protons, gluons quarks and such,  but rather now they call them “fields” and fields are ripples or vibrations. John 1:1 is correct.

Science also claims the Universe started as a BIG BANG, and that is what Isaiah says as well. And yet, if one goes through all of what science has found that the Bible already told us we reject it out of hand. I decided to rewrite what scientists have been searching for called the “Theory of Everything” and I revised it according to the Bible. Here it is in picture form:


So it, like everything else, is simple, provable and yet totally rejected by humanity in deep rebellion. So how does the Lord do it?


And let’s not forget the “god particle” and now some say two other strange “particles” have been found. It seems like they are all digging down to find the “original vibration” and that is most likely “Primal Light.” And of course we now know that there really aren’t any particles like dust and such at all, just FIELDS of vibrations, frequencies, tiny little ripples of invisible motions hence:


So there you have it – right from the scientists themselves – but of course they will not ever, cannot ever admit there is a God!!

Now of course they are deep into research into DARK MATTER and DARK ENERGY, some type of “force” that is “out there.” I wonder if the Divine Love of God will ever enter into their minds as they search for ultimate truth. One can only hope. Of course, science will tell you that is outside of their domain, so to speak. That belongs to the paranormal or metaphysical realm. Or does it? In the Theory of Everything, does not “everything” INCLUDE GOD? WOW! I guess they mean EVERYTHING EXCEPT SPIRIT. And God is a SPIRIT, and God is DIVINE LOVE. Maybe Jesus was not fooling when He said humanity was blind as a bat!

Amazing stuff, here. So what happened? As I explored the MIND MATRIX I found the real culprit behind all of this  is THE KNOWLEDGE OF GOOD AND EVIL, just as Genesis says it is and I can prove it.  It is amazing how real all of that is, yet denied even though emotions and spiritual things are nothing but VIBRATIONS AS WELL, and that they are JUST FREQUENCY. Did you know that even in its fallen state that humanity knows the higher of emotional frequencies is called love? They even admit that “Illumination” is the highest of all!!  Amazing!! The clues are everywhere. So then what happens at the lowest of these frequencies – depression, anger, guilt, frustrations, bad health and all the NEGATIVES of life. It is all right under our noses. Why cannot people see it?

I wondered why humans are so attracted to this fallen matrix prison house and why they are so hardwired mentally to it. The Lord brought to mind the INVISIBLE force of magnetism, specifically, simple magnets. It is, of course, just frequencies.  If you take two simple magnets in one direction they attract each other and the invisible forces of magnetism are very powerful even with small magnets. They are difficult to pull apart, they want to be together – that is, they do not want to be unplugged from each other. Think of humanity as one magnet, and the cosmic earth matrix as the other magnet. Humanity does not want to be UNPLUGGED from the Matrix “System”.

One could also view this as Satan being one invisible magnetic SPIRIT FORCE, and fallen mankind as the other magnetic FALLEN SPIRITUAL FORCE. They attract each other with a powerful LAW OF ATTRACTION. There is only one way to break it. ONLY ONE. Come to the LIGHT. How do we do that? “Enter in.” It is so obvious, but the blind cannot, and will not, see it. The Christian world of today along with fake theologians are in deep, deep trouble.

Along comes Jesus Christ who informs humanity that they are in a prison house matrix and they are hard-wired into it by the invisible forces of SPIRIT MAGNETIC ATTRACTION. His job is a rescue mission, and in reality it means He attempts to UNDO the MAGNETIC SPIRITUAL FORCES OF ATTRACTION to the Matrix. That He was telling the truth was proved by His Resurrection. He beat the “system” and so can you. Just do what He said to do!

If you want to find out why Jesus said to escape the Matrix is a difficult operation, it is right here. If you want to know why he demanded we enter the strait gate and walk the narrow way it is right here. If one does not reverse their magnetic attraction  into a repelling force, one cannot escape the matrix.  If you really want to know what is happening to you and humanity, it is RIGHT HERE.

If you reverse the poles of one of the magnets (simply flip it in the opposite direction) , they will, with EQUAL FORCE, REPEL each other. Does anyone realize how difficult it is for the Lord to convince anyone they need to reverse their polarity? The OVERLORD of the Matrix, that “old serpent” has a million ways to DIVERT your attention from the real truth!!!  So why are you worried about what is going on in the Matrix? You need to be escaping from it!!

From experience, I know that people seem to want only the news within the Matrix. What’s going on, they want to know? Deep State, Global Deep State, conspiracies, Mark of the Beast, news about wars, rumors of wars, UFO’s sighting, paranormal events, sports, politics and such. No one really wants to hear about what is really going on unless it is WITHIN the Matrix. Why is that so?


You see, the knowledge of good and evil brought severe problems with it, such as a veil over the mind so humanity cannot see or understand the reality of their true existence or where they go when they perish into the “great beyond.”  You cannot have two opposing spiritual forces inside a mind without “issues” and mankind has MANY ISSUES. This is why you have wars, murders, corruption, lies, torture and all of that.

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