Best & Taylor Intel Update For 4-18-2019 – Black Holes, Portals, Fires and Wars


Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

4-11, Black Holes, Portals, Passover, Fires, Pet Goat 2 and the Simpsons


Predictive programming abounds, as it certain people have been given the agenda of the elite, and thus know what is going to happen. Pet Goat II predicted the fire at Notre Dame and also the way the tower would fall. It fell exactly as shown, as ANTICHRIST on his boat sale out of his hidden tunnel in sight of the world. His eyes are full of fire and he has the symbol of antichrist on his forehead. Then we have the Simpsons, which have predicted real events well in advance, Then, we had the black hole photographs released on April 10th and that was clearly a SIGN among signs that are accelerating rapidly, showing us ANTICHRIST is about to show himself. The Mueller Report has been released and the deep left communist cannot wait to “get rid” of Trump so they can install their world leader and more. On Friday will go into all of this in depth.







2 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Intel Update For 4-18-2019 – Black Holes, Portals, Fires and Wars

  1. Thank you for the update…God bless.

    I wonder if the following has anything to do with Navy ships leaving ports (I believe I also read somewhere that new sanctions were coming soon for Cuba and Venezuela):

    “In three weeks, the United States will seek to enforce a global ban on any purchases of Iranian oil. A number of countries, including US nominal ally Turkey, have said they will ignore the ban and it will be interesting to see what the US Navy intends to do to enforce it. Or what Iran will do to break the blockade.”


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