Best & Taylor News Hour With Guest Stan Deyo – Descent Into Chaos

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

An Evening With Scientist Stan Deyo on World and Cosmic Events & Earth Changes



In what promises to be a most interesting broadcast, scientist Stan Deyo will join Stewart & Larry to discuss a host of events cropping up all over the world as we close in on the end of Israel’s 70th year – from the so-called “peace accord” to the rebuilding of the Temple, from a North Korean EMP attack to the 3 days of darkness! We will get the latest thinking of Stan on the rise of antichrist, the arrival and the rapture of the Church. I will be asking Stan about his thoughts on the arrest of Assange and the border problems, as well as Venezuela, Israel, North Korea, China and Russian threats and counter-threats and whatever Stan has on his heart to tell the Church!

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1 thought on “Best & Taylor News Hour With Guest Stan Deyo – Descent Into Chaos

  1. Just an FYI: Looks like the trucker’s strike is still ON for tomorrow, April 12th.

    What Would Life Be Like Without Trucks? We’ll Find Out When Truckers Strike April 12

    In January I wrote on the abundance of bare shelves in the United States and what might be causing that. During my interviews and research, I realized just how many problems there are in the nation’s shipping industry. At the root of it is government over-regulation, which is causing many people to leave the trucking profession because they can make a more steady income and be at home working even a simple fast food job. It seems that most any trucker I talked to had seen a reduction in wages and were having to work harder under trying conditions.

    As a result, some truckers have decided to shut down their rigs on April 12 in protest and to raise awareness of the issues they are facing.

    The upcoming truckers’ strike could have widespread effects.
    A one-day strike is not going to cause disruption to a lot of people.

    The concern is if the strike goes on longer…


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