Best & Taylor News Hour With Guest Stan Deyo – Descent Into Chaos

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

An Evening With Scientist Stan Deyo on World and Cosmic Events & Earth Changes



In what promises to be a most interesting broadcast, scientist Stan Deyo will join Stewart & Larry to discuss a host of events cropping up all over the world as we close in on the end of Israel’s 70th year – from the so-called “peace accord” to the rebuilding of the Temple, from a North Korean EMP attack to the 3 days of darkness! We will get the latest thinking of Stan on the rise of antichrist, the arrival and the rapture of the Church. I will be asking Stan about his thoughts on the arrest of Assange and the border problems, as well as Venezuela, Israel, North Korea, China and Russian threats and counter-threats and whatever Stan has on his heart to tell the Church!

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