Best & Taylor News Hour For 4-5-2019 – Glitches In The Matrix

Tonight On Night Shadows at 7:00 PM CT

Israel, Syria, Iran, Venezuela, Trump, Border, Russia and much more…


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The perfect scam continues, and the American people are not paying attention as the noose tightens around their freedom net. Lots of bluster, lots of talk but very little appears to be done along our border as more and more fifth column types enter our nation for the final takedown. Tomorrow is 4-6 and you may have a lot of glitches in the systems of phones and GPS as a type of year 2000 programming glitch is being warned about. Venezuela is importing both Russia and China troops, missiles and military equipment – that means in addition to Maduro’s own military, Cuban and quite likely Iranian and who know who else is down there. This is a staging place for the external enemies of America to launch their attack upon America. At the same time, Iran and Syria are telling Israel to get off the Golan Heights or WAR. Israel will not leave, so expect, as we roll into the 71st year of Israel’s modern life for things to go hot. Earth changes abound and the new hurricane season is forecast to be another one to watch and more…