Best & Taylor News Hour For 3-22-2019 – Ill Winds Blow

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT


Trump, North Korea, Bible Codes, 3-21-2019, Venezuela, Ukraine, Israel & Golan



A Baby About To Be Born – Get Ready Church!

From 1-1-2019 To 4-11-2019 is 100 days – Children of the Promise

A few Jewish rabbi types felt that in some manner or other, that their “messiah” might be revealed on 3-21-2019. Bible codes suggested the same thing. But if one were watching closely, and I mean very closely, you may have noticed that a certain not only made world headlines, but Israel was very excited over Trumps announcement on Twitter that the Golan Heights belonged to Israel. Keeping in mind that Israel minted a coin that had both Cyrus and Trump on it, and in view of the Bible codes, is it possible that Israel will embrace Trump as their messiah? We all have to wait and see, but remember that Obama hated Israel, betrayed Israel a number of times, while Trump has supported Israel more than any other president in our history – and it was Trump that tweeted and Israel even used the words that indicate they think he is their political messiah – remember they are looking for as global political messiah, not a spiritual one.






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  1. FORGOT ONE THING. IN THE NINETIES I WOULD PRAISE, WORSHIP WITH MUSIC AND ASK THE LORD CONSTANTLY WHO THE AC IS. Well one night in the 90’s I had a vision in the bath tub. More vivid than 4k, most brilliant vision, awesome. With all happening I knew it was God’s hand as I was at perfect peace. An eyeball the size of a horse’s eye blinked on the bathroom door. I seen it and a violet to dark purple prism shot out from it. It had the look similar to the Pink Floyd album. It struck the wall in front of me and opened up from the center like the looney toons beginning. I seen three men standing as if in a photo shoot. Looking at a man to my left. I could only see the men from the bridge of their noses to their knees. I even sunk down in the tub water to try to see their whole faces, I could not. It was only 2d. There is more but that is the jest. The man in the middle has charisma, charming, had a Jeff Fahey look from a younger version of him, and if I could merge a 30 year old Jeff Fahey and this fellow that used to do Minute Maid orange juice commercials it would look very close to Jared’s LOOK. After this vision I prayed for 8 months before telling my daughters, then others close to me. After all this time I didn’t know what this vision meant except what I had been asking God, whom that fake messiah is and if he is alive. Now I am 95% sure who it is. He will confirm. We are going to our real home. We are aliens to this world Jesus said. The devil and his are the terrestrials. We will come back after it it all rebuilt. My spaceship I hope will be the sport model with dual lasers and photon torpedo’s. Right behind my Groom, with a full belly having the NEW WINE.

    Can’t wait for that dinner and whoopin and hollerin, yeehaw!

    jerry again.


  2. I can’t figure out how to donate. The PayPal button doesn’t work. Fran Bloodworth

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  3. thank you for the update…glad Larry is feeling better…God bless.

    The flooding seems a profound warning. Thanks for bringing it up and highlighting it (and in the previous show).

    Deagel 2025 forecast:
    ….America = 99 million estimated population in 2025.
    ….I saw an Internet comment once where “Deagel” was misspelled as, “Deagle.” What I “perceived” upon seeing it (FWIW):
    “Deagle” = “de-eagle” = de-America. At the time I saw this Deagel had the 2025 estimate for America at 60-something million. For some reason, they have “upped” it to 99 million.

    Kushner = Chabad = Noahide Laws.

    Wild cards: (1) Pence. (2) Obama’s “spouse.”

    The New Zealand “event” seems like NZ’s 9/11 and then its “patriot act.”

    My quick/frugal prep: every trip to the grocery store, throw in: 5lb bag of rice (white; lasts longer); 4lb bag of dried beans; large jar of applesauce; large container of oatmeal (one-minute quick oats). Estimate a month’s worth, and once you have that, work on another month’s worth. Up to the # of months you think you need. In my current circumstances, my thinking is 3 months and then the Lord is going to have to provide in some other way. Add in to the 1-3 months supply: toilet paper, raw honey, etc., other things that might be needed. If we are still around(!), can add these things slowly, with every grocery trip. A Berkey-type water filter would be good even with today’s municipal water. Get used to eating from this supply and re-supply as needed (e.g., eat oatmeal for breakfast while you can still throw a banana in it). This is assuming there is water and even electricity. In a catastrophic situation, God help us. But this would work well against something like a truckers’ strike (planned for 4/12/2019); snowstorms/other weather anomalies/events that might keep one from the grocery store. All of this I am doing or have done. Probably a lot better ways though.

    re: Chemtrails:

    In 2013 I was at the Spruce Knob-Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area in West Virginia. I went into the visitor’s center to use the rest room and passed by a deserted conference room. Leaning up against the conference room table (there was a glass wall, so you could see inside the room), there was a mounted poster, about 3′ x 4′ in size. I cannot remember the exact number of “grids” on the poster, but let’s just say a grid of 3×4, so 12 square grids altogether. The title of the poster was something like, “Types of Clouds.” So picture 12 1-foot square grids each one with a cloud-type formation in it, with a label; e.g., “Cirrus,” etc. And there, to my shock, was a single “square” dedicated to the most perfect chemtrail-spraying that one could imagine, ruining a blue sky in the background. The label? “Contrails.”

    re: Mueller: I wonder if there was anything to Rick Wiles’ assertion that a deal had been made, a truce, between the Bush people (which includes Obama/Hillary) and Trump, so that nothing will come of the Mueller investigation?

    [Youtube: “What New Insight Did Rick Wiles Receive Concerning the New World Order, President Trump, & the Bush?”–Published on Feb 20, 2019–interesting, the video has 37,000+ views and ZERO likes or dislikes. btw, this is not a plug for TruNews.]

    I agree totally with “using the Constitution to destroy the Constitution.” It is the same tactic as putting “freedom of religion” in the Constitution. I believe the long-time goal of that was to destroy bible-based (early) America. The “freedom” was for the haters of God to gain strength, legally protected. And, it worked! The children of darkness are wiser than the children of light.


    • For some reason, they have “upped” it to 99 million.

      99 is a 9/11 and an upside-down 66!

      But I will sing of thy power; yea, I will sing aloud of thy mercy in the morning: for thou hast been my defence and refuge in the day of my trouble. (Ps 59:16)

      Unto thee, O my strength, will I sing: for God is my defence, and the God of my mercy. (Ps 59:17)


      • Hello my BEST friend on the Net. Lately I have noticed word searching and some things that could be added to enhance the topic at the time. It goes away. Well many ppl do not want to be online live by phone. Call it social nervousness etc. but as a possible help to the show. Why not have a chat box beside for you to look at for help, additions to current thought. You could look at it from time to time and see where the input may take you and the adding of potential timely events. I’d like it! I know ytube has it. Does BT have it? Thanks, and Love in Jesus name Mr. Best. I have 1.75 or I’d help. Only 750 mo. Disabled. I pray to be a help. I used to. Christian Bookstore for 9 years, helped buld 2 churches, played drums in one for two years. Helped poor and needy. But now all I can do is help my autistic grandson. I have only had two pair of levi’s in five years. Funny, about 8 years ago I was going to move my mom to another place. Well I moved all my stuff and hers there., then the city condemned the place. So with those signs up it drew all the heroin addicts there and 80 years of my mom and dads stuff and my 60 years of stuff was stolen, ALL of IT. It was like a fire where all is gone with no insurance, I am still working on the forgiveness aspect. After all these years I get so mad sometimes at people not only stealing but stealing from a disabled person. Reminds me of the elderly being robbed at the back of the Israeli tribe moving from place to place. God said he would repay them for their theft. One of the TEN COMMANDMENTS. Now days you have to shut yourself off from unknowns or you will be taken, even if it takes months they will work you and find advantage. It’s a shame. I have a hundred dollars worth of trash and clothes, a tent, a chair, mattress and box spring in my back yard to pay for to remove because of getting someone off dope to Suboxone but he would not work. I had the police remove him. Now I have the aftermath. I’m too old and have no mate and ill to deal anymore with what has happened to society. Time to get protection because if, I mean if God delays, we will maybe have to.
        A reminder, that His word does point out that this possible scenario may occur. He may delay coming. He said that his followers may say he will not come now and start to beat his slaves and start partying, Well you see that even since my filling and being reborn in the late sixties I heard little old ladies and others saying he was returning soon. From The Late Great Planet Earth on, till today. From the sept. 23,2017 to the weekly Bible searches, to prophets, to numerical Gematria finding astounding things. Yes weekly visions, dreams to the last seventy years generation, the every fifty year Jubilee, the Jerusalem Capital to The Peace Treaty. I can see from all this constant barrages,heh, that the hope disappears. Sometimes I even get fed up. But looking at where we are and May has to usher a war of epic notation. The 80 thousand so called Indictments. HMMM.
        My thought on all this. I know the camps are in place, the guillotines are here, The plan for the wall is to keep ppl in also. Denver is built. My belief is they are showing this Indictment stuff to cool the hard pressing ppl. The real plan is to find the conservatives. George Washington’s vision is at hand. Hand to hand combat and almost lost.ALMOST. THESE CARAVANS IN MY ESTIMATION WAS A PLOY FOR THE WALL, then Chip, not Wally. If the wall isn’t a second in line, a production in order, I’ll be amazed. I believe riots will start, then two to three weeks later we will be blasted by Russia. Busy with internal pressure and our own survival, the first strike will hit us here. First strike is all it will take. I believe that everyone believing in this current administration are going to get awoken. Very abruptly, sorely. Jared is most probably the AC, the ONE WHOM CONFIRMS. He has the 666 building, got the loan from Soreass. He has the chip company on the twelfth florr of a new 13th floor. Well now we are seeing numerous Muslim politicians and now Noahide laws the will bring born again christian whom lay down, to the chopping block. This Administration is all behind this. Wake up ppl. Make US Great Again, well maybe so. But a curve ball at 99 mile per hour is coming our way. Now we have a hate crime covered up by Chicago lawyers. Wow, can you see where the Caucasians are headed. Now the former Creepy Joe is calling for whites to take a back seat. They are taking satans offer and starting the inevitable. I see the Libs finally winning to a degree. Hopefully the Brides removal will be the set point. By May I PRAY!

        Being a multiple pain patient and disabled I cannot make things better. I lives on FS for 17 years before the 750. Man, but still when I hear the pleas for help, as I feel the need to. Then because I can’t it wears on me. But I have helped one or twice. Maybe I will help more when I am 65. I give my life, and always have. It is deep and only a phone call four times would give you an idea. Love you both Stewart and Larry. Come back on soon , Jerry W.


    • I seen that original Deagle, then they took it down. After many ppl sent it around and complained about it they put it back up.
      They, in my estimation are planning their removal by Indictments, faking everyone out as they are saying it will not be broadcasted. All along they will all be going underground in expectation to a Nuclear war and the approach of Niburu. They are waiting for the most bang for their buck. All at once. That will be the answer to all the Christians being gone. All got blown up and or toasted. Perfect answer and cover. I think the Indictments are a ruse.
      Look here at the THOUSANDS OF RESIGNATIONS, RETIREMENTS, ALL INDICTMENTS HERE! They will all go to Denver soon. When the airways get shut down again, get ready.


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