Best & Taylor News Hour For 3-22-2019 – Ill Winds Blow

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT


Trump, North Korea, Bible Codes, 3-21-2019, Venezuela, Ukraine, Israel & Golan



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From 1-1-2019 To 4-11-2019 is 100 days – Children of the Promise

A few Jewish rabbi types felt that in some manner or other, that their “messiah” might be revealed on 3-21-2019. Bible codes suggested the same thing. But if one were watching closely, and I mean very closely, you may have noticed that a certain not only made world headlines, but Israel was very excited over Trumps announcement on Twitter that the Golan Heights belonged to Israel. Keeping in mind that Israel minted a coin that had both Cyrus and Trump on it, and in view of the Bible codes, is it possible that Israel will embrace Trump as their messiah? We all have to wait and see, but remember that Obama hated Israel, betrayed Israel a number of times, while Trump has supported Israel more than any other president in our history – and it was Trump that tweeted and Israel even used the words that indicate they think he is their political messiah – remember they are looking for as global political messiah, not a spiritual one.