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Matrix, Frequency, Trump, Venezuela, Israel, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, China, North Korea, Earth Changes & More…




The Matrix Prison House is still in full operation and gearing up for the final and complete take-over of the world and the leaders of the world are all following Psalm Two, lest we forget what the Bible tells us. Psalm Two is the foundation for all other latte-day prophecy as the nations and leaders of the world move about to fulfill the Lord’s agenda for the Earth. The Frequency Matrix LOCKDOWN is almost over, and LIBERTY for those who obeyed the Lord will soon be granted as we move into the final phase of probation, called Daniel’s 70th week. All the signs point to a huge change for Earth as we move into Israel’s 71st year – and the very good possibility of the Lord’s TRUE CHURCH being either removed or raptured within the next year or so. Earth Changes abound and odd sights are being reported around the world as the Destroyer draws ever closer and more…






5 thoughts on “Best & Taylor News Hour For 3-15-2019 – Elite Madness

  1. Churches are opening their doors to businesses in order to survive

    …Declining attendance at America’s churches — a persistent trend in recent decades — has forced some to take a novel approach to keeping their doors open: renting out otherwise empty space during the usually quiet mid-week, CBS News’ Omar Villafranca reports.

    Larry Duggins heads up the Missional Wisdom Foundation, a group that helps congregations become a place for commerce. “Churches close when they can’t get beyond that, unless they have some extraordinary other way to get people to come attend,” he said.

    Senior pastor Mitchell Boone admits White Rock Methodist needed a miracle to stay open.
    Leila James, who has been a member of the church for 44 years, said other church members weren’t fully sold on the idea of renting out space. But James, the daughter of a preacher, ultimately embraced it.

    “I attended the yoga class and I remember one day we got the giggles because we were just enjoying it so much and we thought, ‘Well, this is the way church should be. We should be able to have other aspects of our lives here,'” she said.


  2. FWIW: In the spirit of the new Frequency book, thought this video was interesting (and it is short, just under 5 minutes, and the “resonance” piece is up first and only a couple of minutes):

    “There seems to be something JUICING the resonance of the Earth”


  3. And I think two things about President Putin. One. He speaks English. Two. He’s a romanoff ….and
    Well third thing I guess. He will be the instrument of our destruction.


  4. That’s exactly what was in my spirit about Venezuela. It’s a beta test. And we are mystery Babylon

    Thank you me Stewart. May the Lord renew your strength in Jesus Name


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