Best & Taylor News Hour For 3-15-2019 – Elite Madness

Tonight on Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Matrix, Frequency, Trump, Venezuela, Israel, Iran, Russia, Ukraine, China, North Korea, Earth Changes & More…




The Matrix Prison House is still in full operation and gearing up for the final and complete take-over of the world and the leaders of the world are all following Psalm Two, lest we forget what the Bible tells us. Psalm Two is the foundation for all other latte-day prophecy asĀ the nations and leaders of the world move about to fulfill the Lord’s agenda for the Earth. The Frequency Matrix LOCKDOWN is almost over, and LIBERTY for those who obeyed the Lord will soon be granted as we move into the final phase of probation, called Daniel’s 70th week. All the signs point to a huge changeĀ for Earth as we move into Israel’s 71st year – and the very good possibility of the Lord’s TRUE CHURCH being either removed or raptured within the next year or so. Earth Changes abound and odd sights are being reported around the world as the Destroyer draws ever closer and more…