Best & Taylor Intel Update For 3-13-2019 – War Rumblings Getting Louder

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Venezuela War, Syrian Threats, North Korea Missiles, EMP’s & WW3



The war rumblings grow ever louder as the USA withdraws all of its personnel out of Venezuela, and that usually means that war will follow. Venezuela is still basically without power and chaos is increasing. What is happening there may well be an experiment to learn what will happen here when the plug is pulled upon the American people. Then we have the Syrian threats to Israel of WAR if Israel does not withdraw from the Golan and of course, she will not. Then we have North Korea once again getting ready for more missile tests and Pence warning that perhaps it is time to clear up that problem. Earth changes abound, weather getting so erratic it is hard to forecast, volcanic activity increases, and warning signs for humanity are ignored…








3 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Intel Update For 3-13-2019 – War Rumblings Getting Louder

  1. The Frequency book has been an absolute Godsend. It has coalesced so many “pieces” for me in the narrow way walk. And boy, have I been using the words “escape” and “matrix” a lot.

    Thank you for the radio show update. Those who are not listening do not know what they are missing.

    God bless.


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