Best & Taylor Intel Update For 3-6-2019 – Border Chaos & Night Coming

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Hate Trump Continues, Border Leaks, The Destroyer Cometh & More…


“FREQUENCY – The Hidden Matrix” is going on line free paying members only FIRST.  More to follow!! There is no end to the hate Trump insanity, and it will continue to get worse, for the communists need to get Trump out of the way to bring in their New World Order – and Trump is part of it, but as to what exact role he is playing remains to be seen. The border is a mess, and one has to wonder what happened to all the military guys down there? It seems like the Lord is fulfilling His promise to flood America-Babylon with alien military types and when the signal is given to bring her down from within and attack us from without. It will come with no warning to those not paying any attention, which means most of the American people. Then we have what I consider the FIRST authentic picture of the DESTROYER as it approaches the Sun and if real, the Destroyer is ONE VERY LARGE DUDE and more…