Best & Taylor News Hour For 3-1-2019 – A World In Trouble

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Questions, Wars & Rumors of War, Walls, the NWO Rush & America Down


It seems there are many diversions offered to the world’s masses to keep them from seeing what the elite are doing behind the scenes. The New World Order marches on, right in front of everyone, and the occult forces are coming right out in front of everyone – with their radical agenda’s, Illuminati symbology and closing down freedom of speech via web censorship along with radio and TV MSM. Then we have earth changes, mega flooding, solar anomalies, and the world leaders amass their gold and weapons of war. They build their underground forts at our expense and leave us to fend for ourselves. Treason abounds, truth falters and the lies get bigger. The frequency matrix is upside down, inside out and continues with few knowing what is going on. The Bible is a book of codes, and you must be a code breaker if you want to really know the truth and more…








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  1. Stewart is Twilight monthly subscription the same as Night Shadows. ❓❓❓❓❓ Have enjoyed your radio show for years. Thanks so much. God bless


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