Best & Taylor Intel Update – Nuke War in India/Pakistan?

Tonight on Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Missiles being moved into position, Trump home, War in the Air and more…


It appears from SAT observations that Pakistan is moving nuclear missiles into positions for possible strikes on Indian territories and if they do, India will of course, strike back. The leadership in India has given it military full use of anything they want to do – which includes the use of nuclear weapons. Prophecies have warned about WW3 starting in that region of the world, drawing in other nations as it escalates into a global conflict. Inasmuch as nothing happens of this magnitutde, it appears this is part of the Armageddon Script, with war beaking out in many regions. In the meantime, the communist democrats are looking under every rock to find something to remove Trump from office. Gun grabs are going on in various states, California is being pounded with heavy rains, but no repentance ANYWHERE. And life in the MATRIX continues unabated….