Best & Taylor Intel Update For 2-24-2019 – Ignition Of The Armageddon Script?

Tonight on Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Venezuela, India, Pakistan, Iran, Russia, China war drums. Boys with Their Toys…


Is it possible that mankind could actually grow up or are we destined to ruin and destruction? The Bible clearly says we are fallen, evil and evidently love death and destruction. That is, THE RULERS DO, but no one rises up to stop them, and so the mayhem continues. In the Bible it is called the “mystery of iniquity” for there is a mystery to the inclination of humanity to self destruct. Locked into the MATRIX, unable or unwilling to accept the only way out, man is doomed to repeated cycles of destruction. Of course, Trump’s nuclear button is bigger than anyone elses, so he says, but the God of Heaven might have a bigger one! His is called “DELETE” Oh, well, it’s not like we were not told, and now the sands of the hour glass are about gone. WAKE UP, for the day is far spent, and the night soon cometh…

 It’s all inside the Matrix Box- ALL OF IT! Humanity is TRAPPED. Wanna take a ride? Then get the new Ebook,soon off the press: “FREQUENCY, THE HIDDEN MATRIX” the first in a series exposing the danger humanity is in. email us at to reserve your copy.  2019-02-24_11-53-34