Best & Taylor News Hour For 2-22-2019 – Armageddon Script Triggered?

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

War Drums, Troop Movements, War, Global Chaos and Time Lines Converge


Shootings along Venezuela border of relief workers, Cuba activates all military forces, Putin warns USA again not to intervene in Venezuela, were the two fireballs warnings for the world? Israel troubles, Iran warnings, NATO & USA ships entering Russia’s domain, it seems that WAR is soon to come, and peace will be taken from the Earth. Meanwhile, the dumbed-down American is totally comatose to what is going on. Trump emergency appears to be related to Venezuela invasion more than any wall. Huge earthquake in South America may well trigger more in America. Is the YouTube video of a plasma attack real, and if so, it means more secret weapons exist? Trump to visit Kim next week – same time we might enter war. Strange earth changes going on and more. Psalm Two apex almost here and more…