Best & Taylor Intel Update For 2-20-2019 – War Any Day Now

Tonight on Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Trump, National Emergency, War and The Final Push For the New World Order


It seems odd that the war drums, the threats and counter threats are all heating up rapidly as we approach the end of Israel’s 70th year. It is all by accident or by design? When one considers the Matrix we are trapped in, the how the controllers want and need their New World Order, it is apparent all of this is by design, but appears to be all coincidental. We have Venezuela, Crimea, Ukraine, Israel, India, Pakistan, Russia, Iran, Syria are all ready to go once the shoe drops. The technology for the Mark is already here just awaiting the right “atmosphere” so people will accept it. Earth changes abound, plasma events continue, loud scraping sounds the world over and so it goes…






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