Best & Taylor News Hour For 2-15-2019 – Emergencies & War


Coming Soon!! You are in a TIME-SPACE EVIL MATRIX, and there is no way out except one!! All proven in the most paranormal book ever given to humanity, whose information within is rejected and mocked, even by those who claim they believe every Word. 

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT


2018-05-16_13-02-58Trump, Wall, Emergency, Venezuela, Columbia, Russia, China, Cuba, Iran Collision Course

The recent agreement from Congress was so full of evil it defies all description, and it may have been a trap for the American people, for we are told that Trump’s declaration of a nation emergency was supposed to nullify some of the provisions in the new bill passed by the House and Senate – but if his emergency declaration is challenged in court, and an injunction to stop it is issued, then this new bill takes effect and our southern border is totally gutted by the provisions shown. Perhaps that is why Trump signed it – but it is all part of the matrix and all of this is a “side-show” to entertain the masses while the New World Order and their control is tightened and much more…