Best & Taylor Inel Update For 2-10-2019 – Trump, Venezuela & Walls

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Trump, Stalemates, Wars & Runors of War & The Ides of March, and Impact Event


News, more news and then no news – silence means something is going on behind the scenes – remember Trump said he would not say what he was planning, or when or how. But the inside news is that America is planning an invasion of Venezuela before the end of April or so. But who knows? They say the Shadow knows, but he isn’t talking right now. Then we have an increase in meteor impacts, one in Cuba, and now one in Venezuela as Earth enters a zone of space debris and much increased radiation levels – rmemeber the Bible record at least TWO major impact events, botvh appear to be large asteroid or tiny comet hits – all outlined for the last days. Then of course we have the stage show of congress vs, Trump to keep everyone occupied and so it goes…