Best & Taylor News Hour For 2-8-2019 – S300 To Venezuela & Plasma Events

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Trump, War, Venezuela S-300, Russia, Red Skies, Frequency, Plasma Events


As the world plunges into its final phase before the coming crustal shift, many events wil take place, and the forerunners are already here – earthquakes, volcanic activity, crustal rifts, erratic weather, strange sights in the heavens, shifting of the sun, moon, planets & stars. and on Earth distress of nations and more and more emotional problems of humanity because they have rejected Jesus Christ asnd therfore hsave no protection from the coming events.  The spirit of antichrist is rising rapidly around the world. Plasma discharge events with odd colored skies, dancinig lights and UFO sighting are on the increase. The ancients showed us all about it, and now the secrets of the ancients are being unlocked like never-before. It all has to do with SOUND, called in the Bible THE WORD, and mankind is locked into a electro-magnetic prison house, and Jesus gave us the ONLY WAY OUT. It all as to to with resonance, vibrations, frequency and so does real and true salvation!