Prophecies, Blood Moons, Super Moons & Israel’s 70th Year Ends On May 14, 2019

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Best & Taylor News Hour For 1-6-2018 – Bad Moons Rising



We are approaching a triple Super Moon series beginning on January 21 – 114 days from the end of Israel’s 70th year. 4-11 is a very special number and date. If a generation is 70 years, then we should see a lot happen between now and May 14th, 2019. If a generation is 80 years, then we are in for a major delay (10 years), but all of the cosmic signs point to 2019 and no further delay. Many prophecies have been saying the END IS HERE and NO MORE DELAY. The last SUPER MOON falls on March 20th, which is, including 56 days or an 11. If you exclude the beginning day and ending day, it is 54 days or 9. Is this a coded warning of 9-11 ending of Israel’s 70th year? Time will tell, but with the so-called “peace plan” of Trump, the plans for a new or third temple, the Sanhedrin and all of the other things that have happened, it appears that we are indeed headed for major conflict, world war and the Tribulation of Daniel…

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Best & Taylor Intel Update For 1-4-2018

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Trump, Emergencies, Martial Law, Walls, Russia, Missiles, China, North Korea…


Are We In The Midst Of The Real Feast of Dedication?

Trump today said that if he had to, he would declare a state of emergency which means, in essence, MARTIAL LAW, as this is really the only way he can force the building of a wall – however, if one reads Ezekiel 38, it implies that America might not get to build any walls before she is removed. Trump and the communist deep state appear to be entrenched in their stands – at the same time, Russia is putting their most advanced missiles on the subs and ships in the Atlantic and can take down America any time they want to and more…








Best & Taylor Intel Update For 1-2-2019


Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Trump & The Wall, Iran, Israel, Syria, Putin, Kim, Turkey and more…


While Americans fight over security on our southern border, the enemy continues to infiltrate America. Known as a FIFTH COLUMN OPERATION, mighty Babylon will be taken down from within and from without. This agenda for the downfall of America has taken years and years to put into place, and many government officials are involved. In the meantime, the warnings of major war in the Middle East are building by the day, which will explode into action in the very near future. The global Deep State needs its final war to bring in their New World Order. When? No one knows for sure, but “soon” is the answer no one wants to hear…