Best & Taylor Intel Update For 1-30-2019 – What’s Wrong With Uncle Sam?

Tonight On Night Sjadows 7:00 PM CT

Stupidity Virus or Apostasy, Venesuela Trap, Innocent Blood & Energy Wars


The situation in Venezuela is growing more intense by the day – but the bottom line, the real truth is that this all about ENERGY and the vast oil supplies of Venezuela that Uncle Sam wants. In a move to protect the GOLD that Venezuela had, a Russia Airliner flew there and picked up 20 tons of the precious metal and obviously took it back to Moscow so Trump and his forces could not get ahold of it. As to how much gold is remaining, no one knows. That war is on the immediate horizon unless cooler heads prevail is obvious because the rich and their private jets all left in a hurry the other day and now 500,000 troops have been activated to defend Maduro. The army, however, is now showing cracks as some ranking officers are defecting. Wars and rumors of war abound, infanticide now approved in a number of states, and Uncle Sam is sick and there is no solution according to God Himself and so it goes…