Best & Taylor News Hour For 1-25-2019 – Trump & 21 Days

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PMCT

Trump, Act Three Opens, Rumors of War As The N2018-05-16_13-02-58WO Marches On

What you see is not what you will get as the underground currents of everything marches on for Satan’s New World Order. While the leaders of the world say one thing, the opposite is the real plan – well underway, well-funded, invisible to the naked eye but the clothing of our leaders is coming off and they have already told you, even in writing, what the real agenda is. Sign after sign in the cosmos has passed us by, Israel’s time clock is close to the midnight hour and the world at large is clueless as the Lord closes down the Age of Grace. Delay? Not likely, but always possible. The time clock in the heavens, set in very ancient times and beginnings is closing rapidly or signs mean nothing. Humanity has refused the Lord’s solution to their problems and now chaos and a new order, without Messiah will grace the stage of planet Earth. A delusion of all delusions is now almost upon us. Suddenly, and with no warning, the snare comes…