Best & Taylor Flash Update For 1-24-2019 – WAR STARTING?

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Venezuela Trouble, Israel Trouble & WW3 Ignition Close


Insiders are now saying that world war may well begin in Venezuela as a multitude of ships and forces are being amassed, but little is said on major media concerning it. Trump vs. Pelosi is a side show, a diversion from what is really happening, and Russia, China, Iran and obviously North Korea have indicated they will fight for the current Maduro dictatorship and might well use force if necessary. What is interesting about all of this that long ago, an old-women gave a prophecy which has all come true, and said that WW3 would start in an area no one expected, could she be referring to Venezuela? Meanwhile all three attempts by the communist left to fund the government were defeated in the Senate, so the stalemate continues…