Best & Taylor News Hour For 1-21-2019 – Bad Moon Rising

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Blood Moons, Final Warnings, WWIII Begins & Can We Face Finality?


On January 1-1-2019 (9-11 + 14 or 77) the Sun gave us a sign of a Baby within the womb, head down, waiting to soon be born – How Many Signs Do We Need?

Having lived a life of normalcy here in America, other than the normal issues of life we all have, most Americans have no concept of what is in the offering. The Lord has given so many warnings and sequences one cannot comprehend them all and yet we find ourselves in an unbelieving state because we cannot comprehend a real and literal OMEGA POINT for humanity for this world. Yet, the Bible is clear that as the road signs in the cosmos and on Earth have ticked off the miles to the end of the line and it appears we will, as of tomorrow night 1-22-2019, have passed the final sign in the cosmos, the conjunction of the moon in Leo and Venus and Jupiter conjunction in Pisces, the fish, a clear sign that the Church is going to be removed sometime very, very soon. Then we have the war between Israel, Iran and now Russia joining into the fray – 3 caravans closing in on our southern border, the last blood moon over Washington and the West, it must be and is CLOSING TIME. ” I see a bad moon arising, I see trouble on the way…”