Best & Taylor News Hour For 1-18-2019 – Blood Moons & Omens & Nukes

Tonight On Night Shadows – 1-18-2019 7:00 PM CT

Trouble South, East, West & North – Order Out Of Chaos – Nukes To Ukraine


War Drums, Treats and counter-threats all over the globe as humanity slips ever deeper into their final suicide attempt, ever learning but totally unable to understand or find the real truth behind their existence, the what why and how of why every soul is here. The “experts” tell us about philosophies, theologies and all of the isms. They peer through gigantic telescopes or powerful microscopes, they rip atoms apart at CERN attempting to unlock the hidden things of creation. They search for TRUTH in all the wrong places, and they mock the only TRUTH TELLERS the world was given. The war, rape, murder, torture, steal and create weapons of mass destruction but WILL NOT face their true plight or how to escape their prison house, and so the world plunges over the cliff of destruction like lemmings, unable to stop, unable to see or understand something so simple and so profound it totally escapes them. Meanwhile Earth Changes continue unabated and the Destroyers work their work…