Best & Taylor Intel Update For 1-9-2019 – Wall Or No Wall – That Is The Question

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT


Democrats Dig In, Trump Warns of National Emergency, Illuminati Play Book and Down With America-Babylon

The stand-off continues, threats and counter-threats as the U.S. Government fulfills prophecy of an internal melt-down. Will Trump declare emergency powers, a defacto martial law operation? He promised in his speech last night that he would protect the American people because that was what his oath of office said and “so help me God” appears to be a warning that MARTIAL LAW will soon be here in one form or another – another step towards full constitutional removal, a sort of like the frog in the water will jump out of boiling water, but you can bring the temperature up slowly and he will cook to death – like the American people, who have seen their bill of rights eroded slowly over many years, and a final coup will come and the fate of America will be sealed and done with. Something is wrong with this picture, and something is going on behind the scenes we don’t know about. No way is the Illuminati going to drop what they have for years been trying to bring about! They will use any method, any trick, any deception, including a Trump deception to accomplish what they want and more…







4 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Intel Update For 1-9-2019 – Wall Or No Wall – That Is The Question

  1. I also believe the puppet masters are up to something! An entity does not plan for hundreds/thousands of years and come up short. I always believed, after researching Trump, that he is the war president. Hope I’m wrong! Think how smart these demonic jackasses are….bring in Trump…..cause a huge amount of chaos…but let the conservatives believe Trump is their man. Brilliant!!
    I love listening to you and Larry. I look forward to your discussions and blogs. I pray for you both daily. I’m starting to think I’m a female Stuart! We both think a lot alike. God bless you both. Linda

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  2. Just joined Blogtalk/Darkmatter monthly, Thanks to both of you and I pray That a Holy Kiss invites you both wherever you go!


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