Best & Taylor Intel Update For 1-9-2019 – Wall Or No Wall – That Is The Question

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Democrats Dig In, Trump Warns of National Emergency, Illuminati Play Book and Down With America-Babylon

The stand-off continues, threats and counter-threats as the U.S. Government fulfills prophecy of an internal melt-down. Will Trump declare emergency powers, a defacto martial law operation? He promised in his speech last night that he would protect the American people because that was what his oath of office said and “so help me God” appears to be a warning that MARTIAL LAW will soon be here in one form or another – another step towards full constitutional removal, a sort of like the frog in the water will jump out of boiling water, but you can bring the temperature up slowly and he will cook to death – like the American people, who have seen their bill of rights eroded slowly over many years, and a final coup will come and the fate of America will be sealed and done with. Something is wrong with this picture, and something is going on behind the scenes we don’t know about. No way is the Illuminati going to drop what they have for years been trying to bring about! They will use any method, any trick, any deception, including a Trump deception to accomplish what they want and more…










In case you missed the speech from the Oval Office last night that lasted 9 minutes on a date 1-8-2012 which adds up 21 or 777 and connect that to the BLOOD SUPER MOON known as the WOLF MOON on the 21st, also a 777, the odds that this was NOT by design are huge.

Remember the occult always sign everything with numbers and codes, backwards and forwards, right side up and upside down. The warning given by Trump was deep and seems to have gone by most. Trump referred to his oath of office to protect America, and that he was going to “so help me God.” So why would he bring God into this? Was he attempting to convey to everyone something very ominous without saying ONE WORD about an “emergency declaration?”

I found it very odd that he never mentioned “national emergency” at all. Maybe that is because he worded it differently, as in, “It is my duty to protect America above all else, and “so help me God” I will declare an emergency and I will build the wall and no one can stop me.” Do not be surprised, then, that what Trump was actually doing was telling the Democrats that a WALL was coming even if they refuse, which they most likely will.

Now the other thing about all of this is the insanity of it, which leads one to believe this is all just a SNARE, a TRAP of the GLOBAL DEEP STATE and we are watching a stage play for the masses of America. The protocols have long said they would do this, that is, CREATE a situation in which the President could and would declare a national emergency, suspend the Constitution and usher in a total police military state which slides us under the United Nations. They also said that they would tell Americans that they would get their freedoms back “when the emergency situation was over”, when in fact it would never be “OVER” or given back.

Trump is not at all who people think he is and the gullible, comatose Christians who voted him into office thinking he would SAVE AMERICA are in for a huge surprise!! Yes, one must admit that evidently we had Hillary, far worse than Trump. Trump, it is said, was selected by Deep State in 2013 and that was to “slow down” the move towards UN Globalism and delay everything and bring in chaos. Trump was to bring in Masonry’s CHAOS, out of which would come the NEW ORDER. Trump’s first name is “Donald” and it means DARK STRANGER, and RULER OF THE WORLD. Trump Tower is the TIP OF THE SPEAR. His suite on floor 66 is in the image of a Masonic Temple overlaid in GOLD, in part. He has dedicated that suite to Apollyon, the Destroyer. He is friends with all the RICH MEN OF THE EARTH, the very ones Psalm Two warns us about.

Remember that people of America are in dire need of REPENTANCE but nary a word concerning that. No, we need a MAN to save America, not God, not Jesus Christ, not the Holy Spirit and certainly no repentance. No, Donald Trump will save us. Has it ever occurred to anyone that God selects a ruler to accomplish a much higher purpose, and in this instance, it appears that purpose is to prepare Israel for their STRONG DELUSION and for their FALSE MESSIAH, with his false reign or a  “peace, peace when there is no peace” situation as all of them are now saying “peace & security.”

Trump is also here for REVELATION and JUDGMENT. However, one must remember that judgment BEGINS at the House of the Lord. Judgment for Israel and judgment for the Christians of America, for both Israel and America are part of the HOUSE OF THE LORD. Remember that America is run by MYSTERY, which is Masonry.

For years everyone has known that we have a ONE-PARTY SYSTEM with TWO HEADS. Has that suddenly changed because of TRUMP? No matter Democrat or Republican we constantly move towards the NEW WORLD ORDER. The FBI has openly attacked Christians and their beliefs. Fusion centers likewise. The target of Psalm Two is GOD, JESUS CHRIST and the HOLY GHOST. The perpetrators are the RICH MEN, THE KINGS AND RULERS OF THE WORLD. I do not see where it says Donald Trump is EXEMPT! Why not? The target of JADE HELM was obvious, and yet, somehow all of that has changed? Why? Tell me why all of this is now different under Donald Trump?

Has Donald Trump done anything to remove the real dangerous portions of NDAA? HOMELAND SECURITY or FEMA for the round-up of ANYONE the government wants, and those are the real dangers to FREEDOM here. Have any FEMA camps been decommissioned? Has all the surveillance of the FBI, CIA, NSA, or military been stopped and dismantled? Has the Government filed antitrust suits against Google? Facebook? You Tube, Twitter? Microsoft? Apple and many others, like Amazon, all of whom appear to have direct ties to government intelligence agencies and are busy collecting all the data they can about you and yours? Has everyone forgotten what Snowden and Wikileaks have shown us? Has Trump done ANYTHING concerning ANY OF THIS? To the contrary, Trump has said Snowden deserves to be put of death!!!

Not only NO, he has stated he wants POSITIVE BIO-METRIC IDs and diverts your attention away from the REAL DIGITAL WALLS BEING BUILT ALL AROUND YOU by the surveillance state. The New World Order is a total surveillance state, a SOCIAL CREDITS SYSTEM, just like China. You are all being set up for the kill – Trump is CHAOS, Obama is PEACE & SECURITY? Is Trump John the Baptist for Obama, or was Obama John the Baptist for Trump?

Just because Trump was selected by the Lord to be a sort of Cyrus for Israel does not at all change the equation of grave danger for the Christians. Nowhere in the Bible does it say that the EVIL PEOPLE are rounded up and taken away, but the Bible repeatedly says it is GOD’S PEOPLE who are rounded up and destroyed in America-Babylon. Read Psalm Two. You might want to recall that the Lord says EVIL MEN WAX WORSE AND WORSE.

All of this while the government of America and the United Nations have repeatedly said it was Christians who are “evil” and in the way of the next quantum leap of humanity to “evolve” ever upwards to become “Gods.” Why has all of this been forgotten, pushed aside because of Trump? Have we forgotten Agenda 21? Agenda 30/50 and the UN agenda to take the world? Why have thousands of UN military vehicles been spotted all over America? The 4th Beast of Daniel is not only alive and well, it is about to gobble America and its people!!

Does God really need unregenerate Christians who are totally disobedient to their Lord to take over America or the world? Was that thought behind the Christians who voted Trump into office? That we need to take back America for Christ with “Christian Trump” at the lead? America needs Christ in their HEARTS, and that only comes with true biblical repentance which is totally missing. God says not to trust any man, no matter how great he appears to be. There was a reason for that warning, and even more so in the last days of the LAST TRUMP.

Have we forgotten there is an Omega Point? While all the signs in the cosmos, in Israel and the world all point to a soon return, it seems the Christians want TRUMP and not Christ to make things right HERE. It seems that Christians, by and large, really do NOT WANT Christ to return, at least not now, maybe later sometime. As we near Israel’s END of their 70th year, all signs are mounting something huge is coming, and Trump’s role in all of this remains to be seen, but the Lord knows.

Is not the great commission to PREACH THE GOSPEL, not TAKE OVER THE WORLD FOR CHRIST? THERE IS A VAST DIFFERENCE BETWEEN PREACHING THE GOSPEL and FORCING THE WORLD by violence and force of law, INTO SOME MONSTER “CHRISTIAN” GOVERNMENT, as the Book of Revelation shows? Since when did Jesus tell us to “take over”? Is the Creator not capable of doing that Himself when He returns? What utter arrogance of “religion”, and they all seem to want to RULE THE WORLD. 

God has obviously placed Donald Trump into office as part of His agenda for the United States and the World. But it may be for a totally different reason than we think. The last days, according to Jesus Christ, are a deception, and humanity runs after lie upon lie. Satan is bringing in his kingdom, and he is a liar and murderer from the beginning. Do you think he has now changed?

Satan sugarcoats his lies, dresses them up in white, a “thousand points of light”. His UFO fallen ones will soon return, and the arrival will be spectacular, no doubt. Interesting that Trump was given a briefing by the Greer’s Disclosure Project, who says the UFO occupants are “good guys” and are here to help us, and so it goes…

In case you think I am railing against Trump, I’m not. I am attempting to point out that there is something wrong with this picture we are being presented. There is something going on behind the scenes we are unaware of, for the march to the New World Order continues along with the side shows and diversions so we don’t catch on until it is too late. 

If America rallies under Trump, that would be a great thing. But the end of all of this is a DELUSION and a STRONG ONE at that. Personally, I like Trump and love to hear him speak off-the-cuff as he always does. But the evidence is coming in stronger and stronger that Trump has been compromised by Deep State. Time will tell us as it always does. Heads up, be of good cheer, for our redemption draws near!

Remember, when they say, “peace and security” SUDDEN DESTRUCTION COMES…

Just wondering about what is going on, that’s all…

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