Best & Taylor Intel Update – 12-31-2018 – Happy New Year


Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

Blood Super Moons, America & Israel, Syria Warnings & The Number Twelve


We have, so far, made it through 2018 without a nuclear war or America undergoing a major false flag event, Trump is still in office, Obama waits in the wings and Washington is still Washington. Full of corruption, powerplays and get nothing done of importance is always the theme. All designed that way to keep the masses entertained and occupied while the “masters of war”, as Bob Dylan called them, continue to pull the strings and make the masses of the world dance to their tunes. No matter where ones looks, however, there appear to be cracks in the rich men’s plans. Delays, delays as if they can’t quite get it to be where they want it. Then of course we have the Sun and its anomalous behavior worsens, and scientists are growing more concerned. Then we have Dr. Doom and his KILL SHOT, which appears to be drawing ever closer, and THREE BLOOD MOONS in three months – like a FINAL warning of some sort, and more…







2 thoughts on “Best & Taylor Intel Update – 12-31-2018 – Happy New Year

  1. Thank you for the update.

    If it makes sense to do so in a future show, I would not mind hearing thoughts on how (or how not!) Daniel 8 might fit into all of this.

    God bless…and prayers for full and speedy recovers of you both.


  2. All good except please, please, never have another NASA fraud on your show. You guys are great. Authentic. Knowledgeable. If you need to get someone from NASA please don’t let them control you. Bible codes? Torah? Tanach? Gematria? Please, who is Barry Roffman and after fighting PHD’s and MD’s and every other phony for the last forty five years at least give me Michael Drosdin and Moby Dick. Sorry guys, I am tired of pre-trib and the Chaldeans. Barry Roffman is a Chaldean.

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