Best & Taylor Intel Update For 12-28-2018 – Middle East Chaos

Tonight On Night Shadows 12-28-2018 7:00 PM CT

Turkey Invades Syria, Assad Says “Get Out”, Putin Warns, Israel & Ukraine Troubles


A good way to start the New Year, according to the elite globalists, is to ignite wars, kill lots of people while they stay in their mansions directing the show and yet humanity could, but will not, round them all up and send them to the FEMA camps they have planned for you and your loved ones. However, prophecy must be fulfilled, and so the Middle East is heating up very rapidly into a major confrontation, something Trump wanted no part of, at least for now. At home the erratic stock market is giving investors the jitters and the “reset” of the IMF appears to be very close at hand and more…








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