Redacting Christ – Part Twelve

Redacting Christ – Part Twelve

“But there were false prophets also among the people (of Israel),





and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And



by reason of whom THE WAY OF TRUTH shall be EVIL SPOKEN OF.”

(2 Peter 2:1-2)


We are now at the last few parts of Peter’s warning, and of course it is Jesus Christ speaking through Peter, and it follows and expands upon the warnings of Jesus when He spoke of the wolves in sheep’s clothing, who shall bring upon themselves SWIFT DESTRUCTION. The vast majority of Christians would follow them, and they too will go into eternal ruin.

Prophecy cannot be changed, but a few will escape if they WAKE-UP. It is a sad thing to watch happen, because the vast number of Christians, even when presented with all of this have a typical response. They are sure and confident they KNOW Jesus and Jesus KNOWS THEM because they believe it to be so. When pressed, they have no Scriptural testimony that it is so whatsoever! Their minds’ certainty is based upon WHAT THEY BELIEVE TO BE TRUE, and not upon TRUE BIBLICAL PROOFS of what constitutes TRUE and AUTHENTIC SALVATION.

The Bible tells us what TRUE SALVATION is, and how one obtains it. That testimony is lacking today, and the protests and denials all come back to one thing: “I believe it, and that makes it true.” The problem with that is, of all the religious faiths in the world, only ONE, and that is TRUE CHRISTIANITY, is not based upon BELIEF or FAITH at all for the proof of salvation. Faith and belief are the vehicle by which one FINDS THE TRUTH, and that revelation from God is YOUR TOTAL PROOF.

Remember is Matthew 7 where Jesus rejects millions of Christians? Why? He said He never came to know them experientially, that is, they met face to face in an encounter one on one. There was no other reason offered as to why Jesus refused them. They never entered the STRAIT GATE, they never walked the NARROW WAY, they never CAME TO THE LIGHT (WHO IS JESUS CHRIST HIMSELF), they were never JUDGED, and therefore, WERE NEVER REBORN IN TRUTH.

It is humankind that converted REVELATION FROM GOD OVER TO A SIMPLE FAITH AND BELIEF SYSTEM, WITH NO PROOF NEEDED, for “if you believe it, it is true for you”, and that is your “proof”, you need no other. That now totally omits the actual truth and proof of salvation by declaring that such proof is a “heresy”, an “anathema” and “satanic”!

The problem with this is that one can believe ANYTHING AT ALL, but does that make it TRUE? Is not the salvation of the individual soul and spirit so important that God would not base salvation on BELIEF but rather on knowable and absolute REVEALED truth? Would He send His Son into the world, have Him crucified and allow all of this to be just “believed” and not offer proof of all of it?

Humanity can “believe” anything it wants to believe as they attempt to unravel the “mystery” of the Universe, our place within it, and hence we have thousands of theologies, philosophies, “isms” and even science itself attempting to solve that final question of all questions – who are we, what are we, why are we here, for what purpose and are we alone?

Humanity has REJECTED the very one who gave us all the answers, and thus the Creator says we have no excuse, for the answers are found in Creation itself. The complexity of creation, the laws of homo genesis and thermodynamics ALONE should tell everyone there is a Creator. That is why the Bible says that ONLY A FOOL SAYS THERE IS NO GOD. Indeed! “Yea, hath God said?”

Masonry, in their so-called wisdom, says there is NO KNOWABLE TRUTH, and that NO ONE can say there is, hence totally contradicting Jesus Christ who said that ANYONE, ANYONE AT ALL, if they wanted to find THE TRUTH, could do so! They could know, in an absolute sense, the truth of the matter. No other religious figure in the history of the world has made such a statement. Everyone, no matter what religion, philosophy, or “ism” they founded or espouse must say, and does say, JUST BELIEVE IT! Put your faith and trust in this or that concept, for it is “carefully reasoned out.” It all comes from fallen human minds, who conjure up these different “truths”, many of which totally contradict each other. Therefore, either their “gods” are very confused or have severe mind murmurings or glitches.

So then, you are to “believe” this or that and therefore that makes it true? So, you put your faith in this or that religion, philosophy or ism and that makes it true for you? What ever happened to the concept that there is one absolute truth behind everything that ever was, is now and will be? What ever happened to the concept that if one, with all diligence, with all fortitude, and with all the strength they had could FIND THE REAL TRUTH?

Jesus Christ told us point blank that if we “continued” in HIS DOCTRINES, then we would FIND THE TRUTH BEHIND EVERYTHING THERE IS. That Truth would not come from mankind’s mind, imagination, theory or any form of “reason or intellectual conjuring.” Nay, Jesus told us, this REVELATION was so far beyond and above any human comprehension that it had to be “revealed” by the Creator Himself. God Himself would pierce the veil covering our minds and REVEAL THE TRUTH. And this is the crux of the entire matter. If Satan can convince mankind that this concept is “satanic” and to be avoided at all cost, he has then defeated Christ and His Word!!

In other words, no human brain, because it is fallen and under a veil, can even begin to comprehend the TRUTH behind creation. The human mind, the Bible says, has a veil over it, and it is shut off from God. That is why Jesus Christ is called a MYSTERY. He is HIDDEN, SECRET, ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE VEIL.

Jesus said we were in a PRISON, that we walked in DARKNESS, total unaware of our true position before the Living God because the veil hides it from us. That is why God said in Genesis humanity “died.” “In the day you eat the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil you shall surely die” in paraphrase. Indeed, if the human mind is veiled, how could anyone, no matter how much they reason, no matter how much intelligence that have, lift the veil that God Himself put there? The answer is simple, NO ONE. Either there is a veil over the mind of humanity that blinds mankind from the truth, or there is not! The only way to lift the veil and find out if all of this is true or not is via the STRAIT GATE and NARROW WAY. Jesus did not offer humanity any other way. The fake Christian leaders SPEAK EVIL OF THIS WAY and with their fallen minds have conjured up another way, another gospel, another Christ.

“What search? What way? What strait gate? What Cross must I carry, Christ did all of this for us?” They ask. “Say a simple prayer and that is all there is to do!”  As Billy Graham would say, “Go to church next Sunday”.

The answer is simple. There must be a veil, and because of it we have the TOTAL CHAOS of religions, philosophies, and isms of the world and NO ONE, via their own minds, or collectively, is able to find the REAL TRUTH. The veil, put there by the creator, MUST BE LIFTED BY HIM, and it must be REVEALED from on High. The Fall of man also placed a severe hatred and rebellion against God. God Himself says it only with great effort that He Himself can save a person, because of this unconscious rebellion!

The Masons are WRONG when they say there is NO knowable truth. There is only ONE TRUTH behind this entire Universe, and that ONE TRUTH is JESUS CHRIST and HIS SPIRIT OF DIVINE LOVE and you can KNOW HIM!! The Love of God is what upholds the entire Creation. It is a SPIRITUAL FORCE of immense power that created, sustains, upholds and runs the entire Universe.

How do I know this? Because I met Jesus Christ after a long and difficult time of traveling the NARROW WAY, and He told me via direct one on one communications that DIVINE LOVE RUNS and UPHOLDS this entire Creation. I did not learn it, I was SHOWN IT and TAUGHT IT by Jesus in direct revelation, and no man had anything to do with it. I came to the LIGHT, I was JUDGED BY THE LIGHT, I STOOD BEFORE THE LIGHT GUILTY, and it was the LIGHT OF CHRIST that saved me from eternal ruin. It is supposed to be the testimony of every single Christian – not my words, but His Word! That is the truth, and the LIGHT OF DIVINE SPIRITUAL LOVE is all there is, and it is so simple, yet so profound because it is HIDDEN FROM VIEW because of the “veil.” We truly are PRISONERS. We walk in DARKNESS. There is ONLY ONE WAY OUT!

Jesus told mankind that LIGHT (DIVINE LOVE), had come into the world, and mankind HATED THE LIGHT, and would not COME TO THE LIGHT to have their deeds reproved. Only those who came to the light would be saved, all others would not. Why? Jesus said that humanity was condemned because it was fallen and counted as an enemy of God. Jesus came behind enemy lines to save those that would WAKE-UP and recognize their predicament. Few would, He said.

But He said, ANYONE could find this Truth because God would reveal it to the one who SEARCHED THE MATTER OUT. That was the promise of Jesus Christ. No one in the history of the world ever made such a PROMISE to humanity. Jesus said GOD HIMSELF would REVEAL CHRIST to anyone who had the DESIRE to find it. It was up to the individual to embark upon a very strange and mysterious “journey” that was called “THE WAY OF TRUTH.” Jesus said if a soul would seek, ask, knock, strive and labor for the truth AND NEVER GIVE UP, would in fact, FIND IT. It was a promise. The people that did so were known as “the people of the Way” in the early Church!

This is now branded a WORK, some form of “legalism”, an “addition to faith”, and must be rejected out of hand. There is no revelation of truth outside the words of the Bible, they say. It does not matter that the Words of the Bible say. The Christian, to be saved, must have the veil lifted by the Lord, must have God reveal Christ to each believer! I can show you a multitude of verses in both OLD and NEW TESTAMENT that this is true.

“Esoteric” they scream. “Gnostic” they yell, “satanic to its core, there is no such thing”. “This is all very dangerous teachings, totally false. Stay away from these people, have NOTHING TO DO WITH THEM!!”  they scream. And thus, all the Scripture that says Christ will REVEAL HIMSELF PERSONALLY TO THE SEARCHING BELIEVER is ALSO REDACTED. It is proved by Scripture alone!

Thus, do they go into eternal ruin by redacting Christ and His Word. Christianity today offers no such promise. They say “just believe it and it is true.” “Have faith in Jesus and you are saved and going to heaven.” All of this is totally contradicted by Scripture. Indeed, just as Jesus warned us, wolves dressed up as Christian preachers, teachers, evangelists and prophetic scholars have in fact deeply infiltrated every fiber of Christianity today and are leading millions into eternal ruin and loss. That prophecy is now totally fulfilled.

Yet for all the warnings, none are heeded, even such simple warnings that humanity and especially Christians would have itching ears, turn away from the TRUTH and embrace the fables and lies of Satan. The blind lead the blind and they all fall into the ditch of ruin together. Wake up, for the day is far spent and the night soon comes.

However, it is what it is and prophecies must be fulfilled. It all could have been avoided had they taken the Word of Christ as little children and obeyed them. Had they searched Jesus Christ out and FOUND HIM, they would know all of this is true. As Paul said in paraphrase, “I did not learn this from any man, but by REVELATION FROM GOD.” Indeed, no truer words could be spoken.

I do not want anyone’s blood on my hands because I failed to notify you of the TRUTH. Read and study the Bible yourself to prove if these things be true or not. Do not take my word for it, look it up for yourself. If you refuse it, then don’t come crying when you are either left behind or find yourself in eternal ruin and loss. For the last 30 years I been warning the Church to return to the OLD WAYS, the WORD OF GOD, and do not believe the fakes out there who are making fortunes off of you. They are merchandising the Christians, just as Christ, speaking through Peter, said they would.

They have their own mansions, jet aircraft, private airports and live in luxury as they rob their flocks of money, estates and salvation. THEIR DAMNATION SLUMBERS NOT, and if you follow them and support them, your own damnation slumbers not as well. You have no excuse, for the truth has been shown to you. BE WARNED.









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  1. Again, thank you, Stewart. It is now very late, and your warnings here are from The Lord Jesus Christ. The Veil over the mind is in view, by the inaction of people in general. I know that for those who want the truth, that God gives them the ability of true metanoia and the resulting desire to follow Jesus Christ via the strait gate and narrow way. But they need to want it. In line with what you have been addressing here about the false prophets, we now see the corruption of Rome. So much for their witness….sad. God bless you and your family.


  2. Great testimony Stewart. Thank you.

    P.S., I discovered your site, show, maybe 7 months ago. Barry Roffman’s Bible codes don’t work for me. The point? Sounds like soothsaying/anon to me. If he’s on in the future I’d like to hear him and you talk about public NASA, deep state NASA.

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