The Redacted Christ – Part Eleven

We have now journeyed quite a ways to find the real truth of what Peter was warning us about, and all one has to do is look around at modern Christianity on TV, the Web, Radio and all of the ministries out there and it is obvious that Christ’s warning concerning all of this have been totally ignored, in fulfillment of prophecy.


“But there were false prophets also among the people (of Israel),





and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And



 by reason of whom THE WAY OF TRUTH

shall be EVIL SPOKEN OF.”

  And through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you:

whose judgment now of a long time lingereth not, and their damnation slumbereth not.

(2 Peter 2:1-3)





The word for “covetousness” is ‘pleonexia’ and it means BY FRAUD, BY EXTORTION, FOR GREED. The word “extort” according to Webster’s is: “to obtain from a person by force, or illegal power of INGENUITY.” The word “extortion” means “the art or practice of extorting money or property.” According to Peter, these false prophets will attract the vast majority of unwary Christians, and they will then RISE TO EXTREMELY HIGH POSITIONS OF POWER AND AUTHORITY, BECAUSE OF THEIR VERY POPULARITY; AND BY THEIR INGENIOUS SCHEMES AND FALSE GOSPEL WILL EXTORT MILLIONS UPON MILLIONS OF DOLLARS FROM THEIR FOLLOWERS, ALL IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. It is every bit extortion. It is every bit deception. Lifting the Gospel totally out of its context, these men of Satan who appear as angels of light will ply upon the fears, guilt and loneliness of their flocks, and sheer them of their wealth. Their greed will be manifested in lifestyles the EXACT OPPOSITE OF JESUS CHRIST. They will live in luxury, demanding the finest for God’s servant. Their followers will agree with their demands.

The word “feigned” is ‘plastos’, and it means ARTIFICIAL, MOLDED, FALSE BUT WITH THE APPEARANCE OF BEING TRUE OR REAL. Remember these people bring in their false theology in UTTER SECRECY, UNDETECTED BY THE VAST MAJORITY OF CHRISTIANS.  A few would notice and raise warnings, but they would go unheeded. Here we have a total confirmation of what Peter said before: THEY TRANSFORM THE REAL GOSPEL OF JESUS CHRIST INTO SOMETHING THAT IT IS NOT, BUT IT LOOKS and SOUNDS CORRECT AND RIGHT. It is a master counterfeit, designed and packaged in such a way so that the unwary WILL FLOCK TO IT AS BEES TO HONEY. THEY OMIT AND CONCEAL WHAT EVERY BELIEVER MUST KNOW TO COME TO TRUE AND AUTHENTIC SALVATION. There is something missing, and that which is missing





If you remove the strait gate and narrow way by theology, then in reality you HAVE REMOVED ALL CHANCE FOR UNION WITH JESUS CHRIST, ALL CHANCE FOR REGENERATION, ALL CHANCE FOR EVER GOING TO HEAVEN. YOU HAVE DAMNED YOUR SOUL FOR EVER. You can claim all you want by your theology, your denomination bias, your preconceived ideas, that you are saved; but TRUTH WILL PREVAIL. A claim made is only valid IF THE AUTHORITY BEHIND THE CLAIM AGREES WITH YOU. In this case the authority is Jesus Christ, and He clearly did not agree with the VAST MAJORITY OF CHRISTIANS WHO CLAIMED THEY WERE REGENERATED AND HAD A RIGHT TO ENTER HEAVEN! IF JESUS CHRIST does NOT AGREE with you, your claims are WORTHLESS, AND YOUR CASE IS CLOSED FOR EVER WITH NO RECOURSE, NO HOPE, NO MERCY, NO CLEMENCY WHATSOEVER.

There is a reason for this harshness on the part of Jesus Christ. YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE FOR NOT KNOWING THESE WERE FALSE PROPHETS! Christ clearly shows us the CORRECT WAY TO ENTER HEAVEN. He did not ask us for permission to set it up that way. He did not come down here and ask for a world committee to determine how one should enter heaven. He did not solicit you or anyone else’s opinions whatever. This is an issue of THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD. Not only did God tell you what you must do in a multitude of places, He also gave us WARNINGS IN COMPLETE DETAIL OF HOW THIS MESSAGE WAS GOING TO BE PERVERTED AND TWISTED. He gave His life on a cross to seal the deal for you and I. Who do we think we are? By what arrogance of heart do we dare question what He said? What more can Christ do for us? He gave us the WAY, He gave us EXPLICIT WARNINGS, and He sealed it in His own blood. CASE CLOSED. YOU EITHER OBEY, OR YOU BURN; THAT SIMPLE; THAT BLUNT.

Christians cry for revival. We hear the prayers for revival all the time; from pastors to laymen. Heaven it seems has become brass, because no revival comes. Do you know why it never comes? RANK DISOBEDIENCE TO JESUS CHRIST. Do you want a revival? Then you must become convinced in your conscious heart THAT GOD IS SOVEREIGN, HE MEANS WHAT HE SAYS, HE WILL BURN YOU IN ETERNAL HELLFIRE IF YOU REFUSE TO OBEY HIM. THEN YOU GET OFF YOUR DEAD CENTER AND YOU PUT YOUR FAITH IN TO ACTION, and YOU DO, AND NOT TALK ABOUT DOING! When a human heart becomes aware that he/she is NOT WHERE THEY SHOULD BE BEFORE THE LORD, AND IS FULLY CONVINCED SOMETHING IS WRONG, SOMETHING IS MISSING, REVIVAL COMES TO THAT HEART. How is any revival going to come from FALSE PROPHETS AND THEIR MANUFACTURED JESUS CHRIST? The revivals and the signs and wonders that come from the false prophets ARE PREPARING THE WORLD FOR THE GRAND DELUSION, AND THEY ARE NOT TRUE REVIVALS, BUT COUNTERFEIT REVIVALS TO FOOL THE “MANY” AND THE WORLD INTO ETERNAL RUIN.

The word for “merchandise” is ‘eporeuomai’ and it means TO PEDDLE, TO TRADE, TO PROFIT IN, TO PEDDLE MERCHANDISE. In other words, the false teachers within the Body of Christ will rise to positions of leadership, and with their fabricated gospel of their instant way to salvation, they WILL MERCHANDISE JESUS CHRIST just the same way you sell an automobile. Their gospel will be designed to appeal to the carnal mind, to the natural heart and soul of worldly people. Their gospel will sound almost too good to be true, and IT WILL BE. They will be business retailers of a false gospel, FABRICATED TO FIT THE WORLD. Their gospel will be one of ease and simplicity that promises all who come heaven and eternal life. It will attract MILLIONS INTO THE SHEEPFOLD. IT WILL BECOME THE MOST POPULAR SALVATION MESSAGE THE WORLD HAS EVER HEARD. From these newly found sheep they will glean millions of dollars via pleas to spread their FALSE GOSPEL throughout the world, in fulfillment of the GREAT COMMISSION. IT WILL ALL BE DONE IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.

According to Peter, their ministries will be huge, with millions of followers, grossing millions of dollars a year. We know that because by the time of the end, the SHEEPFOLD WILL BE FILLED WITH MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS. They will grow to worldwide proportions, with a vast radio and television mission field, all done under the guise of “serving Jesus” and “fulfilling the great commission”. It will be true that they are fulfilling the great commission. They will think they are “serving Jesus”. They WILL NOT SPEAK EVIL OF JESUS, FOR THEY UPHOLD JESUS CHRIST. These are real BIBLE THUMPERS. They lift up Jesus Christ as the King of Kings and the Glory of all Glories. They will have huge crusades and will attract a multitude of followers. They will be very popular and well known, not only to the Church, but to the whole world at large. MANY OF THEM WILL BE GREATLY ADMIRED MEN, WORKING THEIR WAY RIGHT INTO THE CONFIDENCE OF THE LEADERS OF THE SECULAR WORLD.

Peter is blunt: The many, the vast majority of Christians will elevate these false teachers to be the leaders of what the world sees as “Christianity”. These huge ministries will be operating from within the Body of Christ, therefore they will be spread throughout the various denominations or will be “non-denominational”. Then we have no choice and no options: THE LATTER DAY CHRISTIAN CHURCH WILL BE A FALSE CHURCH, FOR BY THEN THE LEAVEN OF THE FALSE TEACHERS WILL HAVE LEAVENED THE ENTIRE BODY OF CHRIST. The modern Christians will flock to these ministries of DEATH. They will be spreading their FALSE GOSPEL OF SALVATION VIA ALL MODERN MEANS; RADIO, TELEVISION, MOVIES, TAPES, MUSIC, ENTERTAINMENT, BOOKS AND ANY METHOD THEY CAN DREAM UP. They will thus package and sell a false Christ, a false gospel and make MERCHANDISE OUT OF THE CHRISTIANS THAT FOLLOW THEM. They will in effect BE TRAFFICKING IN THE SOULS OF MEN AND WOMEN FOR PROFIT AND GAIN. They will extort huge fortunes in the NAME OF JESUS CHRIST.

Jesus Christ and His work upon the cross will be held up to the masses as the ONLY name under heaven by which we may be saved, but by their false theology of salvation, they will MOCK EVERYTHING HE COMMANDS AND DID. These ministries will be the “darlings” of the Church, which we know from previous inspection, is doomed to eternal ruin. Their gospel of ease and simplicity, of instant salvation with no strait gate and narrow way, will have great appeal to the masses of fallen mankind. Their Christ is the Christ of the broad way.

The slogans and advertising of these false teachers will be no different than any other major business corporation. They will be slick and rely upon every known weakness of the human condition. Much of their advertising and appeals for funds will be made by secular advertising agencies or advisors. Their appeals will be very emotional, and are designed to induce guilt and sorrow at whatever cause is chosen for the moment. The elderly, the shut-ins, the widows who are alone and gullible will be moved to take what LITTLE THEY HAVE and give it to these satanic MONSTERS. Not content with just getting into the pocketbooks of their sheep, they move with boldness to actually get the ESTATES of their sheep. They will then extort homes, properties and large sums of the money RIGHTFULLY BELONGING TO FAMILY, and make off with untold millions of dollars ALL IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS. The fires of hell await them. They will exclaim with tears and crying, “THAT TO JESUS GOES THE GLORY, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, HALLELUJAH, PRAISE THE LORD, PRAISE YOU, JESUS!” These slick con men out of the pits of hell will fleece the flock of their money, their homes, their property. If that is not enough, they fleece them OF HEAVEN AND UNION WITH CHRIST! How do you think Jesus is going to dispose of these monster counterfeits?

In order to accomplish their objective, they REPACKAGE JESUS CHRIST. They FABRICATE ANOTHER ONE. They do it with “feigned” words. Their gospel is the gospel of the BROAD WAY. They turn Jesus over to Madison Avenue and they in turn come up with slick promotional appeals designed for one thing: THE EXTORTION OF MONEY FROM THEIR FOLLOWERS. The Christ they offer to a dying world offers instant salvation, instant regeneration, eternal security, healing, the promise of wealth and prosperity, forgiveness of all their sins, their every indulgence, their every desire, and all they need to do is “BELIEVE”. Their definition of faith and belief is utterly foreign to Jesus Christ, who throws them into eternal fire with a wave of a hand.

Their Jesus is all positive and there is no such thing as anything negative about their Christ. Anything negative whatever is branded as satanic and out of the pits of hell. All the positive aspects of the Scripture are promoted with great vigor! Great and wonderful signs and wonders follow after these false prophets. They can prophesy, heal, speak in tongues and slay hundreds “in the spirit” at the wave of a hand. They offer a “Jesus Cookie” along with a “Jesus Pop” to wash it down with. This cookie and pop gospel slides down the throats of the many with great ease, and they smile and demand MORE! Little do they know their real destination. Little do they know that their worm dieth not, and the fire burn eternally with them in the middle of it. All the distasteful elements of the commands of Jesus are removed. All the negative aspects of salvation ARE CONCEALED, AND THEY ARE GLOSSED OVER AS THOUGH NOT EVEN THERE.

This is done so that Jesus appeals to the masses. People do not respond to negative news. They will not “buy into” anything that requires of them REAL EFFORT, REAL PAIN, REAL SUFFERING. That is offensive to people. Negative news, like eternal hellfire, is not welcome with these folks. They die in their sins, and then they ARE FORCED TO ACCEPT IT. The false prophets know about this aspect of the human condition.

Their Jesus MUST NOT, AND DOES NOT OFFEND ANYONE. Their Jesus will not be saying anything negative. Their Jesus would never ever suggest anything as negative as entering a strait gate and walking a narrow way. Their Jesus would never suggest to them that their faith was going to be tried in a fire they could barely stand up to. He would certainly not suggest to them that they DIE TO FIND LIFE. All of the “hard sayings” of Jesus, all of the offensive sayings of Jesus are simply eradicated. ANYONE IN THE WHOLE WORLD CAN LOVE THEIR JESUS. It is by this very method that they attract the unwary souls! Remember that Peter says these false teachers EXTORT THEIR MONEY AND PROPERTY WITH FEIGNED WORDS. It is via an utterly false gospel that it is done!

These are the wolves in sheep’s clothing. Their easy gospel is a gospel of damnation and eternal ruin. Their idea of Christ cannot save anyone, but instead damns you forever. Their theological Christ is a FRAUD, A LIAR. Also remember that all of this is done VIA THEOLOGICAL MEANS, VIA FALSE DOCTRINES THAT LOOK TOTALLY CORRECT. They will defend themselves with great vehemence against anyone who dared suggest they were false prophets. Their primary method of operation is via redefinition of the key words used in salvation.

It is via their redefinition of faith that allows them to bypass the strait gate and narrow way. The grace of God is thrown in to boot for good measure. It also allows them to deny THE EVIDENCE YOU MUST HAVE OF YOUR SALVATION. Along with a total perversion of what FAITH really means, they will alter GRACE, REPENTANCE, CONVERSION, REGENERATION, AND WORKS. They have no choice, because all of these concepts and definitions hinge upon each other. THE LIE MUST BE BUILT UPON ITSELF. To the unwary, their house of theology appears sound, built upon the ROCK. The foundation APPEARS to be solid, firm, absolute. But is in reality built upon the sand, and when the storm of judgment comes, GREAT WILL BE THE FALL OF IT.