This is just a short commentary – lately a lot of so-called “ministries” are going out there asking for huge sums of money for a jet aircraft and others demanding their flocks to fund a “new studio” that costs a million dollars or more for their video/tv stuff.

I made many video documentaries that contain nothing but the truth and many hours of rock-solid documented proofs long before Alex Jones came around. There was no Hollywood fluff, just straight TRUTH with tons of information the Christians needed to know about.

My studio was part of an old storage shed, 30×30, and I worked in about a 15×20 foot area, which I had used for my photography business. The building cost about $5,000 a Lester pole shed. I heated it for a long time with small kerosene heaters that cost about $100 at the time. My video equipment cost about $2,000 dollars and was old cast off broadcasting 3/4 U-matic Sony video tape machines. I had about 5 video duplicators to start with and built that over time to 30 of them to meet the demand for my videos. That was it, folks. Back then people really wanted to know the real truth.

In that area, I produced the following documentaries some of which the government did not appreciate very much, and sent out those non-existent black helicopters to harass and intimidate. Then along came a sniper team that the Holy Spirit told me had arrived and I went outside an “made them” so they left. That was during the communist Clinton years and their attacks upon the “vast right-wing conspiracy” of sweet Hillary.

Iron Mountain – Blueprint For Tyranny ( caused such a stir it was written up in the Wall Street Journal and Dateline called to set up an interview and when I told them I wanted to show the government documents to prove it all, well, they never showed up).

Iron Mountain Two

Iron Mountain III – The Update

The Covenant – all about the rich men and their plans for world domination.

Daniel & The Four Beast Powers (which YouTube pulled and said no one in  America or Canada could view that film – way to much TRUTH and documented material in it).

UFO – Gateway To Hell  – this was of immense interest to Art Bell on Coast To Coast AM. Totally unraveled the UFO Mystery.

Mega Earth Changes and the Coming Polar Shift – all about the coming Pole Shift of Isaiah 24.

Lucifer’s Song – A research into just who Lucifer is, and how JFK was a forerunner warning.

The Grand Delusion – A study into how the Lord is casting down the STRONG DELUSION.

America In Transition – How America was sliding into a police state – 100% accurate and the proof of it is all around you.

Atlantis Chronicles – All about Atlantis and America being the New Atlantic (Masonry)

Why America Is Babylon –

The American Babylon Connection

Unfriendly Fire – All about the UN Plans to take-over America

Gateway Four – The American UFO Experience

Beyond Price – The Work Of Christ to save humanity

The False Prophets – an expose of modern Christian TV/radio satanic liars

The Testimony – The REAL TRUTH  about salvation

Faith – What Is It? The Church definition of faith is a half-truth, making it a full lie.

The Prophecy – An Old Testament Prophets levels a prophecy against America ( I let my beard grow out for this, found an old wooden Staff and dressed up as an old time prophet and leveled a biblical prophecy against America-Babylon

Signs – how the SIGNS /of the end are all around us

Alternative Three – YouTube would not let us post this one and told us NO ONE on planet Earth would be allowed to see it – the real truth about Moon and Mars top secret operations.

Hale-Bopp Harbinger of Trouble – the message from the Lord spelled out in the heavens.

Project RedStar – Martian Genesis – The real Story of Alternative Three bases on Mars and ancient structures found on NASA sat pictures.

The Dallas Seminars – Lectures I gave in Dallas, Texas – one of which the a number of the people got up and left when I showed them what Jesus had to say about TRUE salvation – many could not handle it. I was never invited back!!

The Dallas Seminars – America-Babylon

Mega Earth Changes Two – Blue Star Shining – the coming cosmic shock waves

Native American Prophecy – The Approaching Storm – Though The Fire, (An Interview with Red Elk, his vision has now mostly come to pass)

The Omega Code – The Time Lines of Israel and how close we are to the end.

Forever – The Circle Unbroken – The Power & Glory Of The Lord – beautiful video, music and quotes from the Bible – no one wanted it and that showed me where the Christians really are today)

Oasis – Same as Forever but without the Bible verses.


These are just the videos released, I had others I did not like how they came out – and did tons of audios, books and stuff – all out in this tiny space. You cannot give this material away anymore. No one wants it, even though those documentaries are just as current today as when I produced them!!

A millionaire from California came to visit and when I showed him the studio he was totally shocked. He could not believe that all of that work had been done in such a small place and on almost no budget. His draw dropped, and he said “You did all this in this?” I never did improve it much, added a small gas powered furnace and that was about it which is now on its last of its last legs.

I never had a “set” like you see on these Christian channels, I built a self-made shelf of pine on the wall for my books and Bible material. That was my set – I sat in front of it, if I appeared at all, and did not even use any lighting other than two cheap photo lights that were left over from my photography days. Back then people wanted TRUTH and they wanted PROOF and DOCUMENTS to prove what I was telling them. Nowadays I cannot even give these videos away. TRUTH NOT DESIRED.

I do not now understand why these “ministries” need 3-6 $250,000 cameras and hundreds of thousands more for all this fancy studio equipment just to FEED their flock a bunch of watered-down fluff and TRUTH NOT DESIRED. Almost all you see out there now is DIVERSION INFORMATION designed to divert your attention away from TRUE SALVATION. All the information in the world does you know good if you are not saved, and Jesus says most Christians ARE NOT SAVED AT ALL, they just THINK THEY ARE because they believe the liars and deceivers out there in Christian La-La Land.

So now when I hear of these people fleecing their flocks for multi-million-dollar studios because they need “professional” TV CBS/FOX News or Hollywood Movie high-tech cameras and fancy sets I want to vomit. No content, no real truth comes out of them, it is all just entertainment and fluff lies that NEVER give the people the REAL TRUTH THEY NEED TO BECOME SAVED. NOT OUT THERE ANYMORE.

Christianity today is Satanic to is core, and in my recent series on the REDACTING OF CHRIST, I prove it – right from the Bible itself, one needs nothing else. Got two comments, I think on it. A dear Christian lady the other day said that if you produce anything over TWO MINUTES, most will turn away. HELL BOUND SINNERS.

Today I have “moved-up” in the world. I have two little consumer digital video cameras that are worth nothing now actually, and several computers and video software that is likewise not worth anything now and IF I was moved to do so I could produce a Hollywood movie with this tiny amount of equipment and I could lie about it and say it was shot in Hollywood by a major motion picture studio and no one would know the difference.

As we slide into the last days the entire world is going to REJECT THE TRUTH and flock after the Christian TV/Radio preachers, teachers, evangelists and prophetic ministries out there and find out the hard way they were lied to big time. I believe they have their reward here but will be rejected for eternity unless they repent of all this foolishness.

I guess it comes down to what I have known now since I met the Lord. TRUTH NOT DESIRED.


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  1. Please do no give up–you definitely have the FEW out here on the walk. Up until finding your Dark/Light series I was searching in all the wrong places. I have read and watched many of your publications. They help to feed me.
    Want to tell you a little story, my sister in law kept inviting me to her church and I kept asking her their views on the Strait Gate and Narrow Way. No response and she stopped asking. I don’t think she knew what I was talking about nor did she ask.


  2. Thank you for never giving up against all the attacks you’ve endured in order to feed the little flock. Your ministry is paramount in fulfilling Bible prophecy, as much as the false prophets are. They have their reward and yours awaits you in the Kingdom of God.


  3. Stewart-I am so thankful for all your works and it has not fell on all def ears–you will see how much you have helped people in Heaven___again thanks for sharing the truth! Blessings and prayers always!

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  4. Hi Stewart God bless you. Been a follower of your ministry for many years now, ordered and watched all of your videos tapes CDs etc.have loved and desired and craved everything you’ve put out so far up to this date sure enjoy night shadows with you and Larry. It’s been a long walk these many years on the straight gate and narroway I pray. The Lord grants me his Spirit of agape love before the end comes may God bless you and Cindy, always uplifting and keeping you guys in my prayers God bless always your friend and brother in Christ Phil


  5. GOD bless you, Stewart, and your unwavering commitment to THE truth of the truth of the TRUTH. I can’t get enough of it. Absolutely, the REAL GOSPEL, only that which has the TRUE power to save is literally in the trash can. I read a recent statistic which really resonated with my spirit…only 2-3% will actually make it in. That includes “Christians.”


  6. Hello Stewart (and Cindy and Patti)…Thank you for your comments and overview. I often wondered how you produced/put such videos together. In my heart I know the pain and heartache you have endured trying to bring forth the truth. I am amazed at how such great work was produced with so little. The Redacted Christ series is good to get newcomers aware and thinking to pursue Jesus Christ to intimate knowing and experience. I hope to contact you via telephone to express more. The work you all have done bears fruit to the Glory of God the Father.


  7. Stewart:

    I have not watched/read all of these listed, but I have watched/read a LOT of them.

    And–found NOWHERE else–is that the true salvation gospel of Jesus Christ is typically weaved in-and-out of them. AND IT IS THE ONLY THING THAT MATTERS.

    I do need to add an item not listed that had a great effect on me: “Angel Fall,” the 16-part audio series on demons and the spiritual realm. Absolutely laid before me by the Lord right when I needed it in my walk. A miracle to me at the time (just several months ago). Since I do not have a CD player, what a blessing when I saw the full audio series available online through the NightShadows site. It has been THE foundation in subsequent spiritual realm instruction I have received. Praise God for it.

    And I would be absolutely remiss if I did not mention the Dark/Light Series. Surely–OTHER THAN MY BIBLE–the most important thing I have ever read.

    But for the Lord, not too long ago, I could have been one of those at the UFO conference walking out.

    So I thank God and thank you.

    God bless you, and Cindy, and Patti, and your household, and all your ministry.

    Ps 92:7-8:

    When the wicked spring as the grass, and when all the workers of iniquity do flourish; it is that they shall be destroyed for ever:

    But thou, LORD, art most high for evermore.


  8. I was witnessing to young man gradually over years. One day he became very irritated. It turned out that he worshiped the sun in the sky, that sun. He referred to the message of Christ as just another narrative. Another unhappy gal, referred to my faith as philosophy. I told my nephew not live in sin, but rather to serve the Lord so that Jesus knows him personally, so he can enter the Kingdom. I then became odious and worthy of mockery to members of the family.
    This is the appointed time and things have never been, or ever will again… be so bad…


  9. So true. That’s why I watch Shepherds Chapel daily, where the KJV Bible is taught chapter by chapter, and verse by verse. They’re not beggars they’re bible teachers.


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