Best & Taylor Intel Update For 12-13-2018 – War Within 48 Hours?

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Turkey Shells Syria, Ukraine War In Two Days? Trump Coup, Ominous Bible Code & More


False Flag in Unkraine soon, war drums beat louder, troops and military machines gathering for battle, economy slowing down, stock market erratic, rumors of martial law continue with the magazine “The Atlantic” even bringing forward the concept of martial law, and martial law can be called for almost any reason, especially war overseas, and Trump has surrounded himself with military men – new Bible Code with Barry Roffman indicates civil war, possible martial law, Obama and wall show up in very ominous code for America and more…

Barry Roffman Torah Code Research  {embedded}  ~  Barry Roffman new torah code research INTEL matrix [see above]  titled: “The Obama’s, The Wall & The Coming Civil War” [December 12, 2018] (under construction] and Barry Roffman research @  …….

[Barry Roffman]