Best & Taylor Intel Update For 12-11-2018 – False Flags & War Drums

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT




Ukraine War Machine Buildups, False Flags, Trump’s Wall & Deep State Coup

If anyone watched the Trump meeting with the Deep State got a chance to see how and why Trump wins more often than he loses, and how he does not care if he takes all the blame if things look bad on the political side of things. Meanwhile overseas, it appears that a false flag event in Ukraine to be blamed on Russia could occur in the next few days, leading to war. Remember Global Deep State needs their war to bring in their New World Order, and they will stop at nothing to accomplish it. Rumors abound that martial law is close at hand in America, with many signs and articles now appearing. An ad from Amazon may be a code for a false flag event here in America as well though a simple offering of RED OCTOBER and THE SUM OF ALL FEARS, with Amazon’s usual “Before Christmas” arrival and more…