The Redacted Christ – Part Seven


The Redacted Christ – Part Seven

We are now investigating the words of Christ speaking through Peter who gives us a stern warning concerning the apostasy within the Church and why and how they turn away from the truth and are turned unto fables, one of which is FALSE SALVATION DOCTRINE.

“But there were false prophets also among the people (of Israel),




shall bring in DAMNABLE HERESIES


and bring upon themselves swift destruction. And



 by reason of whom THE WAY OF TRUTH

 shall be EVIL SPOKEN OF.”

(2 Peter 2:1-2)

We will now examine the issue of the GREAT STEALTH used to bring in a totally look-alike gospel that the millions of Christians embrace that leads them to eternal ruin:


Notice that it says they PRIVILY bring in damnable heresies. A heresy that is damnable is any heresy that if EMBRACED AND BELIEVED TRUE, WILL LEAD TO YOUR UTTER RUIN. It will pose as the “way to heaven” but will lead to hell itself. The word for “damnable” is ‘apolenia’ and it means UTTER RUIN OR LOSS, OR ETERNAL DAMNATION, PERDITION. The root of the word is ‘appollumi’ and it means TO DESTROY FULLY, TO PERISH.

Peter is also very direct about where in church doctrine the false teachers will strike: SALVATION DOCTRINE. That is why these heresies are damnable if embraced! They are ERROR FILLED DOCTRINES ON SALVATION, THAT IF BELIEVED, LEAD YOU INTO ETERNAL RUIN. We are talking of the eternal destiny of millions of human souls! It stands to reason that Satan is going to oppose Christ on the ONE WAY CHRIST GAVE US TO ENTER IN TO UNION WITH HIM. He said we are to enter in at the strait gate and walk the narrow way unto life. Jesus only gave us ONE WAY, and so that ONE WAY will be singled out for attack:



These teachers who APPEAR to be AUTHENTIC CHRISTIAN LEADERS IN ALL RESPECTS, will bring in A GROUP OF HERESIES THAT SWEEP THEMSELVES AND MILLIONS OF THEIR FOLLOWERS INTO ETERNAL LOSS FROM WHICH THEY CAN NEVER EXTRICATE THEMSELVES. These teachers will slowly introduce a whole new doctrinal concept of salvation and how one obtains it. To alter these doctrines will take time and the use of slow but sure REDEFINITION OF TERMS. The definitions of faith, grace, works, legalism, repentance, conversion and regeneration will one by one be changed over a period of time. The changes will be small, argued over, debated and finally become the ACCEPTED TRUE DEFINITION. These are the issues of salvation. If these issues are not properly understood, you are in serious trouble, for Christ demanded ALL ENTER IN THE SAME WAY, WITH NO EXCEPTIONS LISTED WHATEVER.

It cannot be over stressed that Satan needs only a comparatively small number of false teachers to turn the majority of Christian leadership into propagators of false doctrine. All he needs to accomplish is to manufacture a gospel so close to the original that the pastors, teachers and evangelists who attend seminary embrace what is being taught there! This is why SINCERITY has nothing to do with whether a person comes to salvation or not. It is not that the vast majority of false teachers are not sincere; it is that they are under DECEPTION. Thus their ethics, their  morality, their standings in the community may be impeccable; yet are they still blind leaders leading the blind, and they all fall into the ditch.

Salvation is not based upon anyone’s “sincerity”, but rather on their DEDICATION TO FINDING THE TRUTH, that is, their persistence and DESIRE to find it.

The word for “privily bring in” is vital to understand in our search for the real truth. The word is ‘pareisago’ and it means to “INTRODUCE SECRETLY, WITHOUT DETECTION. TO INTRODUCE SURREPTITIOUSLY, TO BRING IN ALONG SIDE”. Do you understand the ramifications of this? IT MEANS THAT THESE DAMNABLE HERESIES ARE BROUGHT IN TO THE SHEEPFOLD, THE BODY OF CHRIST, THE WHOLE CHURCH, ALL DENOMINATIONS WITHOUT ANY OF THEM DETECTING IT! It is NOT DETECTED WHATSOEVER by the Church at large.

Peter said these false teachers would come in via great STEALTH AND CUNNING. Because they are under a deception, these teachers sincerely believe in their own minds that what they are teaching is the TRUTH, and they will use Scripture to back it up! As Christ said there was only one way to heaven, then we know for a fact that all of these false doctrines MUST AND WILL ZERO IN ON THE STRAIT GATE AND NARROW WAY.

Over the years, the entire Church will redefine all the central key doctrines of salvation BUT THEY WILL NOT EVEN BE AWARE THEY HAVE DONE IT! Whole new definitions, whole new concepts will be developed to tell us what it means to be a Christian, how one obtains salvation, what regeneration means, etc. This activity paves the way for the final grand delusion, which sweeps the Church into the arms of the antichrist system. The Church will embrace the antichrist, just as the Church embraced Hitler when he came to power in Germany.

We know that the many stand before Christ rejected because they never had a true union with Him, even though they were positive in their own minds they did have a union. At that time, and not before, do they realize they were fooled, dupes of a satanic deception so clever that only a supernatural mind of vast intelligence could mastermind it.

The word “heresies” comes from the word ‘hairesis” and it means CHOICE, TO CHOOSE, TO MAKE A CHOICE (FROM SELF). That is a SELF-WILLED OPINION. The false teachers read the Word of God, and in their CARNALITY, THEIR FLESH, THEIR OWN EARTHLY WISDOM AND EARTHLY KNOWLEDGE DECIDE WHAT THIS OR THAT VERSE OF SCRIPTURE MEANS. They interpret the Word of God totally apart from the Holy Spirit, but they claim their interpretations ARE SPIRIT LED.

Their theology is an INTELLECTUAL THEOLOGY, A CARNAL THEOLOGY, A RATIONALIZED THEOLOGY, A THEOLOGY OF THE SENSE MAN, THE SOUL MAN, OF THE LOWER MAN. Their theology will appear correct to the carnal mind, to the sense mind. It will have a form of godliness, but it will not have the power of the Holy Spirit behind it. It will be an EARTHLY GOSPEL. Paul worded the real way this way, in paraphrase, “I was NOT taught of man, but of God”

It is also important to realize that this theology will be developed over a long period of time. These self-willed opinions would then be promulgated via biblical commentaries, research papers, tapes, videos and books that would spread throughout the entire Body of Christ. Introduced first in the seminaries, they rapidly become accepted by the vast majority of people. Because these false teachers are leaders and “learned men” of the cloth, which are upheld as ‘great theologians’, everyone rushes to embrace these ‘new illuminations’. Soon they become established traditions, and traditions become TRUTH.

Many people thought the world was flat, AND STILL DO, and have  embraced it as a TRUTH, even though the evidence is totally contrary to that position. All of these theologies would be a product of the human mind; very rational, factually very accurate, but wholly devoid of SPIRITUAL TRUTH. At its very foundation it would be a work of Satan and his demons, a work that is a hideous plot against all those souls who are attempting to find out the truth behind life itself.

“For ye are yet CARNAL: for whereas there is among you ENVYING, AND STRIFE, AND DIVISIONS, ARE YE NOT CARNAL, AND WALK AS MEN?”

(1 Corinthians 3:3)




(James 3:14-15)


Is this not now the position of denominational Christianity? They openly war upon each other, even in their own denominations. They war upon each other within each church. They have splits, divisions and factions. Each denomination claims that it is holding forth THE TRUTH, THE WAY, THE LIGHT. The vast majority of these so-called “truths” totally opposes and contradict each other. Has the Holy Spirit gone insane? Is the Holy Spirit divided against Himself? Is God a schizophrenic? Has the Godhead left the Church or has the Church left the Godhead? Do these multitudes of opposing truths come from the God of harmony or from the GOD OF CONFUSION?

The Scripture is very blunt, very plain. A ten year old can interpret Scripture correctly by just reading what it says and accepting it for what it says. THIS WISDOM IS NOT FROM GOD ABOVE, BUT IS EARTHLY, SENSUAL, DEVILISH. It is carnal, of the flesh, of the sense and soul man. It is DEVOID OF THE HOLY SPIRIT, FOR IT IS A MAZE OF CONFUSION, CONTRADICTION, WARFARE, AND FACTIONS ALL OF WHICH PORTRAY UTTER REBELLION AGAINST GOD. Each human mind interprets as “it will”, and so each Church body becomes filled with heresies and strife. These men then draw off others after them and form denominations within denominations, factions within factions, and it starts all over again.

The word “earthly” is ‘epigios’ and it means OF THE EARTH, OF THE WORLD, WORLDLY, OF THE FLESH, CARNAL, OF THE MIND, OF THE INTELLECT. The word for “sensual” is ‘psuchikos’ and it means THE FIVE SENSES. It is wisdom of man, of the intelligence of mankind. It refers to the soul man, the lower man, the unregenerate man, a soul destitute of agape love. It does not have the illumination of the Holy Spirit, it does not know or recognize the spirit of agape love, the spirit of Christ. The word for “devilish” is ‘daimomiodes’, and it means DEVIL LIKE, FROM DEMONS. The human mind is under the dominion of Satan, and that is what Peter is referring to when he speaks of these heresies. They are from the self, which is dominated by Satan. James put the finger right on the source.

The Holy Spirit cannot oppose Himself, and thus there cannot be opposing doctrine IN TRUTH. God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit have unity, and their unity springs from their essence of agape love, and from this inner light flows their unity in truth and in doctrine. We will examine this issue much later in this series.








4 thoughts on “The Redacted Christ – Part Seven

  1. That which is the whole reason for the worldly/carnal way of comprehension, has two parts to it: 1. A falling away from the instructions of the Spirit to the prophet, Isaiah, wherein the Hebrews were taught how all things they would ever need to understand, were to be ascertained direct from the Sacred Scriptures, and those who feel the complete Bible is composed of the New Testament in the days after the ascension of the Master Yahushua to Heaven, to reappear at His right hand, have chosen to leave the majority of the beauty of truth – Tanakh, or the works from Genesis to Malachi – in the background! But, Tanakh holds a prominent place among the Gentiles too, for the apostle Paul teaches us, that Jews and Gentiles have become as one (see Galatians 3: 22 – 29, KJV)! Gentiles then, have no business throwing Tanakh away, as all that is needed is the New Testament, for the very foundation of Gospel truth is found within Tanakh, thus that Gentiles might go forward unto holiness and righteousness by the Everlasting Gospel, we must LEARN that which Paul the Pharisee understood that we too might comfortably wind our spiritual way through the history of Tanakh, that having experienced their history, we might then understand why it is the Jews ” . . .([who] art rich) and [are known to blaspheme by] say[ing] they are Jews, and are [truly] not [but do lie], but are the synagogue of Satan, [behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee]” (see Revelation 2: 9; 3: 9, KJV, inserts in brackets, mine). Obviously, in these latter days, there will be an heretical grouping of those who say they are directly from the loins of Abraham, pretending they are of Noah’s son, Shem, from whence came Abraham, “not to that only which is of the law, but to that also which is of the faith of Abraham; who is the father of us all, [who call ourselves spiritual Jews]” (Romans 4: 16c, KJV, insert in brackets, mine). These shall have most of the Christian world believing although they each stand before the Father, with their sins upon their own heads, thus taking the wages of sin onto themselves, which punishment is eternal death (see Romans 6: 23, KJV), have fooled the world into believing they have another way, whereby they as false Jews, will use another Door – other than Yahushua (see John 10: 1, KJV) – they will survive the Second Coming, as well as the executive Judgment of the Wicked, which occurs 1000 years after the Second Coming of Yahushua HaMashiach!

    To repeat, the first part of the reason for all carnality, resides with those who Messiah clearly made these statements to, and the only dramatic spiritual reaction to these truths, brought them to speak with Pontius Pilate, and to place a sum of money into his hands, which led to the crucifixion of the Messiah by Pagan Romans, AND TO THIS VERY DAY, these Pharisees teach He continues to burn in Hell fire – a fire that WILL NOT BE STARTED by the hand of the Father, until after the end of the Millennium (see Revelation 20: 7 – 10, KJV), which must yet last for 1000 years AFTER the Second Coming of Yahushua HaMashiach!

    That Second Coming is surely very close, but although we have no known date at present whereby we might know the time of Messiah’s appearing to call forth the sleeping saints from slumber (i.e. first death), then, after THEY meet Him in the air, the Living Righteous will then meet them all in the air, AND too, ALL THE WICKED AT THE VERY SAME TIME, are destroyed,” . . .with the brightness of HIS [Second] coming:” (2Thessalonians 2: 8c, KJV, emphasis mine), a time most believers feel is very close on this blustery night in December 2018 Gregorian!

    ARE WE ABLE TO SEE how our misunderstanding of a few of the chief doctrines of the Scriptures has done to our comprehension of the latter days in which we live, and what we might expect, and when? This because we do not have the words of Isaiah, which will set ALL THINGS straight for us, IF we follow after the words of Isaiah 28: 9 – 15, KJV, which gives us a spiritual call to rise and follow after the fullness of Scriptural Truth, before we are ready to meet Yahushua HaMashiach in the air!

    What has Part 2 to tell us? Before the Second Coming, Father and Son want us to have upon the Earth, a grouping of SPIRITUAL JEWS, all of whom walk in the character of Yahushua HaMashiach, Whom they have accepted as their True Saviour, and these UNDERSTAND all that has brought them to the forefront of the Christian world, because these shine as bright shining lights of glorious truth, even as was Moses, BECAUSE THESE spend most all of their time in the Presence of the Deity, because they understand the beauty of PRAYER WHICH BRINGS ABOUT SANCTIFICATION IN THE LIFE, and this is what they preach, even as did Yahushua and Paul! Verily, the Sanctification of those who love to see Yahushua’s appearing, will be so evident in the Earth, all who remain completely committed to the Everlasting Gospel, which has never changed since the ascension of the Master Yahushua, will seek out this knowledge, and these Righteous ones altogether – even as the 7 Trumpets and the 7 Vials are being poured out onto the Earth, on the heads of those who follow after the Beast and His image – will be away from all major cities, as to be within these, shall lead to the extinction of THE WAY of Eternal Life, as all in the cities will be corrupted as nearly was Lot and his family, at the time of their visitation by the angels sent to find the number of those in Sodom, who lived according to the way of Yahuwah Eloah Almighty there!

    This is exactly what is occurring in the words of Ezekiel 9: 1 – 11, as the angel with the Writer’s Inkhorn places the seal of the Living Elohim upon the minds and hearts of those Who seek Perfection of character, that they might surely meet the Master Yahushua HaMashiach in the air, even when this means, they MUST FIND their sustentation:
    “He shall dwell on high: his place of defence shall be the munitions of rocks: bread shall be given him; his waters shall be sure” (The NOUN IS IN THE SINGULAR within this verse, as ALL HAVE THE CHARACTER OF MESSIAH YAHUSHUA at this time, and thus THE LIVING RIGHTEOUS like EliYah of old, can be translated from off the Earth as it is being destroyed by the Trumpets and vials/plagues, and they are living as did EliYah, because amid all of the mayhem and madness, this number, the 144,000, ONLY HEAR “the still small voice [of their Messiah]” (see 1Kings 19: 12, KJV)! Please as well, read Isaiah 33: 9 – 34, KJV), for this will be the habitation of the Messiah-like Saints of the Last Days, and whereas we are able to recognize the negative aspects of that which will occur within the five months spoken of within the Book of Revelation (Rev. 9: 5, 10) unto those who have been sealed for eternal death after the day of probation for all the righteous and the wicked has come unto the whole earth “like a thief in the night” (see 2Peter 3: 10), Isaiah chapter 33 exposes to us what it will be like, for the 144,000, who are being ministered unto during those same last days, even as EliYah was ministered unto while the famine was upon the Earth, and he lived in the munitions of rocks and his bread and water was assured, by the birds of the air, and the special river from which he could drink and remain healthy. THESE are those most important aspects of the last days, ONLY THOSE WHO SEEK AFTER RIGHTEOUSNESS AS IF IT WERE ALL THEY THINK TO LIVE FOR, will know, while all the Earth other than these, suffer as if scorpions were attacking them, without a let-up! Why?

    These Wicked, have a realization of what they have let slide for far too long in life, and this is why the torture is so intense! They know all their plans for greatness on this fallen Earth has been nothing but an unreasonable dream, and therefore, they have the knowledge there IS INDEED A CREATOR WHO GAVE US HIS ONLY BEGOTTEN SON, THAT WE MIGHT LIVE WITH THEM ETERNALLY, yet, they have at that time, no way any longer to take advantage of such selfless love proffered for their whole lives, without an answering tone of respect and receptivity, and now the Door is forever closed, and the light can not ever be understood as the Righteous shall ever understand, and grow within that reality, loving and being loved as none on this Earth can presently even fathom, Today is our time to choose to grow up into Messiah, before it becomes a thing of the past! My prayer is that all will come to the font of every blessing, in Yahushua’s Name, aw-mayne!


  2. Praise Jesus Christ and Glory-BE unto our ABBA for having this piece placed as a witness and a help. Well you spelled it out…no excuses, as it is discerned that all stops are pulled by the Holy Spirit to enable man to turn to truth and Zoe.


  3. “The word “heresies” comes from the word ‘hairesis” and it means CHOICE, TO CHOOSE, TO MAKE A CHOICE (FROM SELF). That is a SELF-WILLED OPINION. The false teachers read the Word of God, and in their CARNALITY, THEIR FLESH, THEIR OWN EARTHLY WISDOM AND EARTHLY KNOWLEDGE DECIDE WHAT THIS OR THAT VERSE OF SCRIPTURE MEANS. They interpret the Word of God totally apart from the Holy Spirit, but they claim their interpretations ARE SPIRIT LED” (Your words from above).

    This IS the manner of the evil one: to bring forth carnal thought, as if it were of the Spirit! Paul teaches The Way of the Spirit, and was literally CHOSEN OF HEAVEN because he alone of the learned elders of Zion, STILL RETAINED A HEART that could be touched by the Spirit, and was touched, when he looked into the face of Stephen, as he was falling asleep as they stoned him (see Acts 7: 51 – 60, KJV). As these words were being spoken by Stephen, Paul’s heart was breaking, for he knew these words were correct as to Tanakh, but as a Pharisee (Philippians 3: 5, KJV), he had been tainted as were all Pharisees, through Talmud and the divine? thoughts of the Rabbis therein, led them to Kabbalah, which was a deathly blow against all of the commandments, especially the First of the Decalogue! BUT, Paul who understood all of these heretical beliefs, still had a heart for Tanakh & Torah, which Talmud had extinguished by Stephen’s death for over 200 years. Stephen’s death was in 34 CE, exactly the time Daniel had prophesied from within Chapter 9: 24 – 27, whereby there were 3½ years, on either side of the outstretched – 9 to 3 o’clock – arms of the Master Yahushua, as He died 2nd and 1st deaths, while there upon the tree, in 31 CE. If you study the prophecy, the one week of verse 27 means there would be 3½ literal years on both sides of the cross of Messiah Yahushua: 3½ years before His literal death there, and 3½ literal years, after His death there!

    31 CE + 3½ = 34 CE, unto the death of Stephen, which precipitated the conversion of Paul a week or so later on the Damascus Road Experience! THAT was the beginning of the time for the call of the Everlasting Gospel, to stop as the Talmudic Jews had made their choice of following after Haylale the devil up to this point of Stephen’s stoning, and the man chosen by Heaven due to his heartstrings still having a yearning love for truth as found in Tanakh, came face to face with a true servant of Messiah Yahushua in Stephen, and had never before been touched with such an amazing exposition of why Jewry was in such a backslidden spiritual condition as Stephen gave by the Spirit, over but a short time of speaking. There was no hesitation on the Road to Damascus for Saul/Paul a little later, for all this Pharisee by then needed to know, was:

    “. . .Who art thou, Lord? And the Lord said, I am Yahushua whom thou persecutest: it is hard for thee to kick against the pricks [I can seen your mind and heart being buffeted with consternation since Stephen’s words, concerning My being truly Messiah!]. 6: And he trembling and astonished said, Lord, what wilt thou have me to do [There is no reluctance here; simply a firm desire to know all, and obey.]? And the Lord said unto him, Arise, and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do” (Acts 9: 5, 6, KJV, inserts in brackets, mine). Here we see Paul has lost selfishness, in agapé for truth, and since this reply, we see nothing of ambivalence for the rest of his life, concerning the beauty of living in holiness through the Everlasting Gospel he was taught by Messiah, to expound to all the world!


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