Best & Taylor Intel Update – Horse Riders In the Wind

Night Shadows Tonight – 7:00 PM CT



Borders Breached, Syrian War, Trump Coup, Gas Attacks & More…

The United States is being invaded, and while Trump said anyone crossing the border or throwing rocks and other projectiles would be shot, evidently not with real bullets but rubber bullets and tear gas. In spite of that, invaders did breach the border and entered the United States of Babylon, which now gives others more courage to do the same – and unlike Israel, that does protect its borders, the USA, with all of its military might cannot seem to stop this invasion at only ONE LOCATION, not to say what is happening all along the other areas. I suspect this is the final wave of the Lord’s FIFTH COLUMN operation to take down the United States, from within and from without. How long this takes no one knows. Meanwhile the tensions between Russia, NATO are climbing rapidly and more…




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