Best & Taylor Intel Update – Gas Attack In Syria

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Staged Gas Attack In Syria, War Close At Hand, Russia Blames US and More…


Remember the two other staged gas attacks that were blamed upon Assad? The USA/CIA appear to be at it again as an excuse to bring down Assad. Russia blames the USA and now it appears that we may have a direct USA-Russian war as the USA & GLOBAL DEEP STATE make their final push for World War Three using Syria as their excuse. Putin surely will respond as Putin is Assad’s chief defense. With the US tasking out one of Putin’s S300 missile systems the other day, it appears we are very close to major hostilities in the Middle East. Then we have what appears to be a final push on our southern border to invade the USA. It is all right on time, as MARTIAL LAW may well be in the offering per the Protocols for the final take-over plans of the DEEP STATE…