Best & Taylor Intel Update For 11-21-2018 – Happy Turkey Day!!

Trump Bashing Continues, 11:11:11 Warning and More…

It is becoming more and more obvious that the judiciary in America is totally out of control, when a Federal judge all by himself can stop obvious national security measures of the President authorized by the Constitution. The Supreme Court left wingers have also shown their hand with Roberts and Ginsburg railing against Trump for his comments about the liberal/communist judges that now all but control this nation. Then we have many prophecies coming out concerning tomorrow as 22 is an 11:11 so we have an 11:11:11:11 tomorrow and another on the 29th! Then we have other warnings of surprise terrorist activity across America tomorrow and on Black Friday – time will tell as it always does!!! 





Thanksgiving Day Alert:

Tomorrow is 11-22-2018, and that is an 11:11:11, a number that has repeatedly shown up in recent times and appears to be a code for the beginning of trouble for the United States. Not long ago a fellow said that the beginning of the implosion of the economy and US dollar would begin in November and most likely on the 11th of November based upon the cover of the Economist Magazine for 1-9-1988 Issue that had a coded 11:11 on it. He said they will begin with an erratic market and pull the plug around the 28th or 29th. If you have been watching, the recent very erratic up and downs with major swings did in fact begin on 11:11-2018 (11). No one knows if any of this will transpire to a total meltdown or not.

It is interesting to note that since this November 11th, the stock market has shown increasing volatility and began a huge slide on the 19th and 20th. On the 21st, it reversed the trend only slightly, the massive losses sustained may only be the beginning of a total wipe-out.

Many Christians have had visions of a TRIGGER EVENT that will take place either tomorrow the 22nd or BLACK FRIDAY. I believe we are headed for NATION CHANGING EVENTS between now and the end of the year or into 2019. The Lord has warned repeatedly that He was about the judge America much more vigorously than in the past. America does not know about the word REPENT, and neither do the Christians.

The biblical meaning of repentance is totally lost on today’s Christians because they have refused the commands of Jesus Christ to enter in at the strait gate and walk the narrow way. True repentance is not shown to anyone or what it really means if they refuse to enter in. America now, because of rank apostasy within the Church, has no defense against severe judgment beginning any day.

America is already filled with 5th column military operatives, and if some of these visions are correct America may, on the 22nd, 23rd,  and through the 29th, which is another 11:11:11, witness some nationwide terror attacks in malls, shopping centers, football stadiums, highways etc. It is going to happen sometime, and it may coincide with a banking implosion the likes of which will make the Great Depression look like a kindergarten exercise.

No one knows, but tomorrow through the end of December everyone needs to be SUPER AWARE OF WHAT IS GOING ON AROUND THEM. It may be, and we hope it is, that NOTHING HAPPENS whatsoever, however, knowing the diabolical nature of the elite, they might well use a national holiday to strike. All I am saying here is to be alert if you are going to travel through major cities during this time period or if you are going to shop on Black Friday. As stated, the odds are NOTHING will take place. So do not be surprised either way. Just be alert and observe what is going on around you.

The Bible tells us that America-Babylon is going to fall with a thud when it comes. We just don’t know the Lord’s exact timing of all of this and when the Lord will pull the plug. If you have not prepared, you need to immediately because time really is running out for America, that is obvious. Take care and have a HAPPY THANKSGIVING and remember the Lord is the one who has given everything America has!!