Special Report – The Takeover of America & Best Taylor News For 11-18-2018

Tonight On Night Shadows – 7:00 PM CT

War In Middle-East, Syria, Russia, Isis, Idleb, Israel On Alert and AMERICA DOWN REPORT



In this special report I will go over many items and remind the people that what is being played out upon the world scene is a well-planned, well executed agenda to bring in the New World Order. Larry will bring us up to speed on the latest fighting in Syria, and why Israel has gone into security meetings. The date of 11-17-18-2018 is very suspicious as the occult always does things by the numbers, by special dates and by using various world calendars. It is amazing how much work they put into their number games. Even the cartoon PET GOAT TWO has all sorts of dates and codes in it. The latest Economist magazine cover has picture codes on it, and it may have been solved by an alert individual. If so, we all need to pray for President Trump as he may well be the subject of an assassination attempt very soon and more…


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