Best & Taylor News Hour For 11-16-2018 – The Plan & Judgment – Connect The Dots

Borders Open, Israeli Mistakes, UN Duplicity, Mystery & Martial Law


The “caravan” has now arrived in part, having “walked” over a thousand miles in a week, and with no help, no food, with nothing, it seems, but their resolute determination to scale our fences for the “freebees” that we hand out. Articles are now coming out that Trump is prepared to declare martial law and “protect our constitution”, while taking it away. Seems a bit odd how all of that works, especially when the non-existent “protocols” said that once taken away, it would never be returned. However, alas, the plan to sit Satan upon the throne of Earth is very short live, and it does not work very well. Then we have something strange going on with these California fires that seem to fit “rewilding” UN areas of “future maps” and super train routes.  For sure, just tinfoil hat conspiracy talk, and much more…