Best & Taylor Intel Update For 11-14-2018 – Israel – To Be Or Not To Be?

Best & Taylor Intel Update For 11-14-2018 – Israel – To Be Or Not To Be?

Though The Vision Tarry, Wait For It, For It Shall Surely Come


World War Three seems to be sputtering along, it flares and then subsides and then Israel, foolish as it is, agrees to cease fire after cease fire, allowing the enemies to reload and then more Israelis perish in the next round. As a result, Bibi may be close to being removed as PM. However, Albert Pike’s vision of the Third World War is not far off, and according to him, it will start in the mid-east. Meanwhile, America is now being invaded and no one appears to be stopping them. It is all a sham, a gigantic world-wide deception as the New World Order marches forever onward. For Israel, she is in a pickle, and will soon have to fight a no-win war. “Soon”, they say, whenever “soon” is. The fires in California appear to be directed energy weapons testing, interesting how they follow certain pathways for future projects, like the high-speed train system. I wonder why that is?







Soon, They Say, Soon…

As I woke up this morning I was wondering how many more days, weeks or years the world has before the Creator of it all hits his “delete” button. He also has a “that was easy” button as well. It sits beside his “I have a bigger nuke” button.

There is, according to the Bible an OMEGA POINT, a time in which things like the rapture occur and we come to an end of it all, and all things are new. How close are we? It seems that all things appear to line up for things to go “bang” and then nothing happens at all. Time after time, sign after sign.

Is the Lord attempting to sift through the flock to see who hangs in there and returns to the drawing board and who does not? After all, the Lord says we are to watch, nay, commands us to watch. Watch for what? Signs, signs in the heavens, signs on Earth, signs here and signs there, signs, signs everywhere.

“It’s close”, is the word of wisdom and understanding. Close? What does that mean, anyhow? “Soon” is the other word. “Soon.” What does soon mean anyway? “We will soon fly away”, says Psalm 90. Soon. Does that mean VERY SOON? Mostly soon? Any day now? Any week now? Or perhaps SOMEDAY SOON? Or maybe some YEAR soon? Or does it means sometime in the next century?

To the Lord of course, one day means a thousand years. To us humans, a thousand years is an eternity, as most of will not see even one tenth of a thousand years – right? However, it will be “soon.”

So I guess one could surmise that at the end of it all, we are to have patience and occupy til He returns to get His people out. That is to say, VANISH and then let the world “ascend” to their next evolutionary leap to “godhood” status and join their UFO alien brothers and explore the Universe holding hands with the “fallen ones.” I think I need a caffeine fix.

Needless to say, when we use the term “fallen ones” we never think of ourselves as part of that. Nary even a small part of that. That term is used for demons, for fallen angels, the Jinn. Genesis says, however, that humanity is part of that tribe of fallen ones. A big part, by the way, and because that appears to be true, perhaps that explains world news, wars, rumors of wars, torture, murder, rape, corruption, the far left and all of that. However, we hasten to add that “there is nothing wrong with humanity and all is well.” You are OK, and I am OK and all of that sort of thing. If need be, take some St. Johns Wart – it will make you feel better.

Time now for the morning caffeine fix. I smell coffee in the kitchen as it oozes through the thick fog of mental derangement that occurs just after waking up. I should have gone into the strong coffee business, I would have made a fortune. Humanity does in fact need a “fix”, but somehow I don’t think it involves morning coffee. What would happen if, during that “wake-up” of injecting ourselves with caffeine, we prayed instead. Novel idea, right?

So here we are. All of us on this tiny spaceship we call “Earth”. Hoping against the odds. Sort of like a horse race, really, who will win  and who will lose. Bill Clinton, that paragon of virtue, asked “Who is in, and who is out?” Well, a time that is called “soon”, might tell us.

Christians on the “watch”, that is, really paying attention are getting highly frustrated, I mean really, really frustrated. The Lord appears to be trying our patience, stretching it out like a rubber band. Then of course we have our mockers; “where is the promise of His coming? We see nary a sign at all, you folks are nut-cakes, besides, there is no such thing as a “rapture”, you cannot find that word anywhere in the Bible it is all utter foolishness.”

But then again, it will be like any other day, they say, whoever “they are”. I have often wondered where that phrase came from. “They”. Sort of like “soon”. Nebulous, foggy, unknown. But then, suddenly, and with no warning, out of the blue, like lightning, comes “soon” and a surprise of all surprises.

But when? “Soon”! OK then…