Best & Taylor Intel Update – Silence Before The Real Storm

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Peace, Cry Peace, Then Release The Dogs Of War


A time of quiet has settled over the Israeli-Gaza war as the enemies of Israel restock their missiles and Israel prepares for war on other fronts. However, it appears that the Lord has shown us what is very close at hand with the rocket attacks and the response to it, and it can be found in Zephaniah, Chapter Two, inasmuch as some of the cities mentioned were hit and damaged in the FIRST ROUND. If one reads carefully, however, the taking of America Babylon can also be found there. The two are somehow connected, and in tonight’s show we will go over these connections, and some deep intel which may verify WHY America is mentioned and how a surprise attack upon America may happen at any time. We have been infiltrated and are ready for the taking. BEWARE, BE ALERT.