Best & Taylor Emergency Alert – WW3 Beginning?

Tonight On Night Shadows 7:00 PM CT

Israel In Full War, USA & Russia, Isaiah 17, Danial 8/11 & Ezekiel Wars In View?



Intelligence reports coming out of Israel indicate total war has broken out and intelligence agents suggest this could easily escalate in world war because America and Russia will get involved as Israel resorts to bombing outside of Gaza into Syria and Lebanon. Phone warnings of rocket attacks are now constantly going off and it looks like this may be the beginning of the end and that the taking of the Church may be very close at hand. Be on guard for a major event on November 17th of some sort as the biblical series of warnings is now almost daily in one form or another, pointing to November as a time of trouble. Was the missile attack on 11:11 a seven-day warning for total all-out WAR, and more…


BEWARE NOVEMBER 17TH, 2018 IT IS 114 DAYS  (4-11) from Tu B’ Av, 2018


P.S. – Reports that Facebook went down world wide, but appears to be working at the moment – total blocking of War in Israel on all major networks – nary a word of this major war.






This is a flash alert that the war in Israel is now heating up rapidly, with massive rocket attacks – I will be posting a radio show for tonight a bit later as we gather up more and more news concerning this.

We are close to getting into a major world war here.

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