Best & Taylor News Hour For 11-9-2018 – Chaos Growing

Night Shadows Tonight at 7:00 PM CT

World Chaos, Political, Religious, Financial, Environmental, Weather & More…


One of the causes outlined in the Bible for its Christ rejection is that the world begins to slip into a form of insanity and emotionalism, leaving behind all logic and rational thought. Science rises to replace God and is “able” to explain enough of nature that God is no longer needed. The one real anchor that humanity needs is slowly done away with, as God is describes as a figment of human imagination, and man is God unto himself. The basic roots of moralism and ethical conduct are destroyed, because there is no ABSOLUTE CODE. Mankind is set adrift, and the concept that all is relative takes hold. Then as Satan divides the world into various groups and begins the process of setting up his “divide and conquer” system, hatred and division grows ever stronger in spite of calls to “chill out”. We are now witnessing this very thing, especially in America as the Deep State moves in for the KILLSHOT of humanity – divide, conquer and out of the chaos comes the New World Order, the RISE OF THE PHOENIX out of the ashes of the Old World Order. We are on the EDGE, AND MUCH MORE IN TONIGHT’S NIGHT SHADOW SHOW…


Here are TWO LINKS (FREE) to both the Salvation DarkLight Series and the “Mystery of Christ”. Christians needs to read both of these, because they have embraced a SALVATION SCAM. Prove it wrong if you can…

Mystery of Christ





The Arch of Baal place in the Washington Mall – America is in Trouble.



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